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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, Qasim Afshar; This is the name of a singer who is well known in the sixties and of course the fifties. Afshar is one of the first singers who started pop music after the revolution. He and his contemporaries were the first singers who worked in the field of pop music after the revolution.

Afshar reached the peak of popularity and fame by singing several songs. The passage of time removed him and his contemporaries from the cycle of pop music. One of the most important questions about their fate is that; Did these singers, who started pop music after the revolution, leave the music field themselves or did they leave them?

Qasim Afshar together with three singers of his generation staged two successful performances in Vahdat Hall this fall, so that this may be a new beginning for their professional and artistic activities.

We hosted Qasem Afshar in the studio of rahnam news agency to ask him all the questions we had in mind. Let’s say from the past, from the era of staying away from the music field, and of course from now and the future… In the following, you will see and hear the teaser of the conversation with Qasim Afshar, and in the coming days, the full text will be published along with the video of this conversation.


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