Destruction of the active arms and ammunition smuggling network in the east of the country / 3 main leaders of the gang were arrested – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Kerman, Omid Rezaei, public and revolutionary prosecutor of Kohnouj city, announced the destruction of a weapons smuggling network in this city and stated: This gang was widely active in the east and southeast of the country.

Explaining the details of this news, he said: After carrying out a series of technical and coherent intelligence measures, the members of this arms and ammunition smuggling network were identified by the unknown soldiers of Imam Zaman (A.S.) in the General Intelligence Department of Kerman Province.

The public and revolutionary prosecutor of Kohnouj city announced: At dawn today, with a judicial order, the attack on the said gang was placed on the agenda of the prosecutor’s office and the security forces, and in a surprise operation, three of the main leaders were arrested.

He stated that in this connection, 36 weapons of the Colt waist type were discovered and seized, and added: The smugglers brought this shipment of weapons into the country from the eastern borders and intended to distribute them in the deep provinces of the country.

It should be noted that the relentless fight against arms and ammunition smuggling gangs is on the agenda of the judicial, security and law enforcement agencies of Kerman province, and several large shipments of weapons and ammunition have been discovered and confiscated in the past few months.

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