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Rezamarad Sahrai; In a conversation with the social reporter of rahnam news agency, the Minister of Education stated about the implementation of the new phase of teacher rating: According to the rating regulations in the new phase, teachers will be promoted and the path of teachers’ growth will be drawn; Based on this, teachers are prepared for the next steps and getting new ranks.

He added: Rating improves and guarantees the quality of the education system, the first stage of teacher rating was implemented and all teachers got their rank, from now on after a three to five year stop at each teacher rank for the next steps and getting New ranks are being prepared.

Why is the rank of retired teachers not applied?

The Minister of Education said about why the rank of retirees was not applied in their orders: Education has done its duty and since 31 Shahrivar, we have paid the rights and salaries of 1400 retirees and assigned their ranking, but the pension organization has discussed with the government about the government’s share. There are differences.

He said about the 6 months of arrears of the 1400 rating and its going into debt: These 6 months of arrears are not part of the debt because in 1400, the Parliament had set the budget ceiling and the budget had been paid.

In the end, Sahrai said about the issuing of the rating orders of the working teachers after the protest was registered: the rating orders of all the teachers whose objections were filed are being issued.

According to rahnam; The new rulings of the teachers who protested the result of their ranking and their protest was received and were promoted are being issued. 320,000 people out of a total of 940,000 teachers protested their rank and requested a review.

In September, 59,000 new teachers’ rating orders were issued after hearing their objections, and the arrears from April to September were credited to their accounts based on the new rating.

Officials of the Ministry of Education announced that they will investigate other teachers’ protests, of course, with the priority of retirees, and 100 specialized teams are investigating the issues so that the results of teachers’ protests to the rating can be determined more quickly.

Ali Farhadi; The vice-president of planning and resource development of the Ministry of Education had said in Mehr this year that within the next two months, the case for dealing with teacher rating objections would be determined.

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