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According to the cultural correspondent of rahnam News Agency, today, after a long time, the task of Haj Qassem Soleimani’s “Terror” series was finally clarified. There was a lot of speculation about this series, and today, after the head of the national media’s trip to southern Lebanon and the axes of his resistance, he came to Milad Tower and visited the backstage of the series “Terror” directed by Khairullah Taghianipour and produced by Mojtaba Amini.
A series that has reached the halfway point and is about the unsuccessful assassination of Sardar Soleimani. Farhad Qahemian, Anoush Moazzami, Jafar Dehghan, Ramin Rastad, Mehdi Selouki, Afshin Sengchap, Yadullah Shadmani, with the presence of Mohammad Hossein Latifi with the artist Hedayat Hashemi and Shahram Ebrahimi as Subhan, with the introduction of Nanet Tomeh, is filming.

We have been trying to make “Terror” for two years

But during this visit, Peyman Jebeli also answered the questions of reporters. He said about the production of Haj Qassem Soleimani’s “Terror” series: The works that are produced about prominent figures in the history of the revolution, the holy defense, and the defense of the shrine are usually difficult and complicated for various reasons, especially if it is the character of the martyr general Haj Qassem Soleimani. Dealing with the stories, character and life of these elders usually may face challenges. The art of the director in drama series such as “Terror” is to portray the shadow of the courageous, influential and decisive character of Shahid Soleimani along with his works and effects.

He added: “Terror” has a very good, attractive and strong story, which perhaps should have been done earlier. We have been waiting for this work since two years ago, but the sensitivity and precision of our dear friends at Avini Institute to pre-produce this work with a stronger drama and script caused this work to be produced a bit late, but we are sure that this The work will be distinguished and distinguished, which will surely attract the attention of the audience. We hope, God willing, that this mini-series will reach the anniversary of Haj Qassem Soleimani, of course, friends, the director and the production team promised that it will be ready to air by then. I hope this series can be a prelude to the production of the next chapters with real stories and can deal with this and other issues, God willing.

The head of the broadcasting company emphasized: “Since 1400, I had promised to produce a series of shows related to the character and brave history of the martyred general Hajj Qassem Soleimani; Two years passed, all the organizations in cooperation with Avini Institute were working hard to produce this work. This year, thank God, this wish was fulfilled and this series was produced We hope, God willing, that this work will be as great as that of the great martyr Soleimani and will be noticed by the people.

Also, in response to a question about other upcoming TV series, he said: I know as of last week, we have about 18 on-camera drama series, besides, I think we have 12 series in pre-production and about 20 series are being written. The works that are in the production cycle will ease our mind about the broadcast schedule until the end of summer next year. We are trying to put other scripts in the production cycle. We have put their review on the agenda, God willing, they will also reach the pre-production stage.

Gando 3 on the way

Jabali pointed to the production of the third season of “Gando” and added: series with security and police stories that are more interesting to the audience, we saw some of them on the air this year, and the series “Terror” is one of them. We are trying to get “Gando 3” to the pre-production and production stage as soon as possible, I don’t know if it will arrive this year or not; But our friends are trying to prepare and we hope that the cooperation of organizations outside the organization will help us to open the third season of this series.

The start of pre-production of “Zirkhaki”

He further mentioned the start of “Noonkh” and the pre-production of the new season of “Zirkhaki” and said: “Our colleagues in the script office and in Cimafilm and in the specialized working groups of the organization’s content headquarters are all trying to combine the series that are being produced.” The works that are produced should be a balanced and proportionate composition, including historical stories, Islamic history, contemporary history, the history of holy defense, humor and comedy, melodrama, works that are produced in different fields and in different structures and genres. , it’s a bit difficult because the scripts have to be ready and at the same time we can produce in different structures, but the effort of our friends is that we must have humor in all stages of production. Fortunately, the new season of “Zirakhaki” is in the pre-production stage. The new season of “Noonkh” has started its production and other works are also being reviewed.

Negotiations about the “Capital” series continue

In response to rahnam’s reporter’s question about the “Capital” series, Jabali noted: I have already said this sentence, our friends at Simafilm are negotiating with various producers and directors of different series and about new productions and productions of new seasons. This procedure is carried out naturally. Our friends negotiate in the negotiations for the production of a series. For example, the work that we saw today has been reviewed for two years to make it more mature and better. In general, the nature of television work is that it takes time and that If we want to say in the middle of the way what happened and where it reached, this is not the case.

Reaction to the sidelines of the program “Palestine Horizon”

He told rahnam reporter about his trip to Lebanon and the outskirts of “Palestine Horizon”: Thank God, I was able to serve loved ones in the last two or three days in the resistance media, and I had close contact with our dear and brave journalists at the border of occupied Palestine, and I said goodbye. The effects of martyr Qassem Soleimani’s existence can be seen in the entire axis of resistance. This self-confidence, spirit, courage, creativity and hope that exists in all parts of the axis of resistance from Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Syria are all due to the character of Haj Qasim and the school of this noble martyr, which we owe a lot to Haj Qasim. If we see our security and authority as the upper hand of the resistance in the region, it is all owed to Martyr Soleimani. Shahid Soleimani has a lot of right on our shoulders, and this payment of religion means that we should be more active in our specialized field, which is television and media productions. Limiting ourselves to one show definitely does not mean paying homage to our honorable martyr Haj Qassem Soleimani. I hope, God willing, that we will be able to focus more on the works and personality of Haj Qassem Soleimani from other stories, formats, and structures in addition to the drama collection.

Jabali emphasized: I have to say about the “Plan for the Palestinian Horizon” and the borders that have been created. I left Beirut last night and arrived this morning. Friends are checking to give more details. But we welcome any creativity, innovation and programs that come on the air with the aim of clearly and clearly explaining the ideals of the Islamic Revolution, and one of the most important of them is Palestine. I said about cooperation with elements, people and institutions active in the field of media from the first day and I will repeat it again and this is not a slogan but a need. The burden of culture in the country is so wide and heavy that the radio and television cannot carry it alone with all its people and elements. We definitely welcome the cooperation of media and cultural institutions, individuals and active media elements and we will expand it, God willing.

Complaint against Mehran Moderi

Regarding the complaint against Mehran Moderi, he said: I am not aware of the updated information on this issue. Our legal friends are investigating. It is natural that with different people and different institutions in different forms, an organization may face legal problems and finally the laws, regulations and duty law will be clarified and I do not have the latest information about this issue and our legal colleagues are in the process They can be responsible.

Continuation of “JamJam” program on TV

Jabali also said about the “JamJam” program and whether it will continue or if it will be interrupted in the middle of the way, he added: Basically, constructive criticism and the use of different points of view on different issues are considered to be our strategies in the national media. in various fields including media, culture, economy, politics and cultural and sports topics; One of the attractions of the media is the use of different points of view and different streams of thought about different topics. One of the topics that was neglected in the meantime is the national media itself, which is the subject of many criticisms and there are pros and cons regarding various issues related to the missions of the national media. This has been my concern since the first day. In the first months, I promised that we will air a program about this. Unfortunately, the preparation of this program took a long time. I myself complained to my colleagues that it started late. It goes through its own stages of maturity and God willing, it will continue its work with strength.

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