The call for the election of the new president of the Iran Chamber of Commerce, next week – rahnam

Jahanbakhsh Sanjabi, the secretary of the Election Monitoring Association of the Chamber of Commerce of Iran, in a conversation with the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, pointed out that last Wednesday, the decision of the Supreme Council of Supervision of the Chamber of Commerce was communicated to the Election Monitoring Association through the council’s secretariat. As a matter of urgency, on Saturday of this week, a special meeting of the Monitoring Association was held with the presence of members, and preparations were made to re-hold the elections according to the resolution of the Supreme Monitoring Council.

Sanjabi added: the invitation to participate in the election of the board of directors will be sent to the members of the Chamber of Commerce by the beginning of next week at the latest. Based on this, the registration process of volunteers will be done in 1 working week. On the other hand, according to the resolution of holding elections, the qualification process will be done within one month from the end of registration. In this way, it is expected that the process of holding the re-election of the head of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce will be done in a period of 45 days.

In conclusion, referring to the process of holding the elections on June 28, he said: At that point, some members of the association kindly requested Mr. Selahvarzi not to participate in the elections due to the personal and public interests of the Chamber of Commerce. Now, after 4 months, finally We are monitoring the re-election according to the law and powers of the Supreme Council. Of course, any person can submit his objection to the Administrative Justice Court regarding the administrative mechanisms, but it seems that this process leads to the continuation of uncertainty.

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