The audio file of an Iranian fisherman captured in Somalia; the shocking state of health and food – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Chabahar, in early April of this year, two fishing barges in Chabahar and Kanarak counties with 36 fishermen were seized by the coast guard of one of the self-proclaimed governments of Somalia, and 11,000 dollars have been demanded for their release.

The Director General of Fisheries of Sistan and Baluchistan province announced in the middle of August that the consultations have reached a good place and even though the vessels have been confiscated, these fishermen will probably be released within the next two months. An issue that has not yet been implemented.

But in recent days, a new audio file of these fishermen in Bandh has been published, in which one of the fishermen says in Balochi language, “We are 36 captives in Somalia, for eight months we have been captives for a bite of bread; we went to the sea to fish.” and we were arrested; today they have arrested us for eight months and all my friends are sick here; the same day they arrested us, someone fined them 12,000 dollars; our employers will only do it today and tomorrow; O people, O Muslims, pay our fine free us, we are all sick here, there are tuberculosis, cholera and other diseases here; our water and food are not suitable; our toilets are inside our cells; we have 40 prisoners inside the cell and everyone is sick; from you Please release us; we have been in torment for eight months.”

In this regard, Alireza Marhamati, deputy security and law enforcement officer of Sistan and Baluchistan Governorate, said in an interview with rahnam reporter in Zahedan: “The release of these fishermen is being seriously pursued by various agencies with diplomacy, and they promised us that these fishermen would be released in October.” to be released when circumstances arose and this issue was delayed.

He continued: But according to the information we recently received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the issue has been placed on the agenda of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and discussions have been held with Somali officials on the sidelines of some meetings, and the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has this issue in its plans. and is being followed up; Of course, the situation is somewhat difficult because we do not have diplomatic relations with Somalia, so we are following up through the neighboring countries and we hope to reach a result as soon as possible.

Merhamati said: According to what was announced to us through the relevant official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, God willing, we will soon have good news in this regard. The lack of a single government in Somalia has taken time to release the fishermen, but we are talking with all currents and groups that influence this issue and we hope to reach a conclusion soon. We sympathize with the families of these dear fishermen and understand their conditions, and we have done our best to relieve them of their worries as soon as possible and see their loved ones return home.

According to rahnam, Sistan and Baluchistan is considered as Iran’s fishing hub with more than 60% of the country’s industrial fish catch and more than 40% of the country’s total catch. Also, according to the report of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC), Chabahar and Kanarak as the fishing centers of Sistan and Baluchistan have the second place in the Indian Ocean after Indonesia and with more than 930 offshore fishing vessels and more than 1000 fishing boats. They have also taken the second place in the number of fishing fleets in the Indian Ocean after Sri Lanka.

Chabahar and Kanarak offshore fishermen prefer to go more than 2,000 km away from the coasts of Sistan and Baluchistan for more catches, which are mostly tuna, and sometimes enter the territorial waters of Sudan and Somalia.


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