Raisi on his return from Saudi Arabia: Our opinion is contrary to the two-state solution in Palestine, referring to the people’s votes – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency’s government sector report, Ayatollah Seyed Ibrahim Raisi, returning from a short and busy trip to Saudi Arabia on Sunday morning to participate in the joint meeting of the heads of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League, explained the results and achievements of the trip and said: Participation in this meeting was important in two ways; One is that this meeting was held with the presence of all Islamic and Arab countries and the other is that its topic was the main issue of today’s world and all the people of the world.

The President added: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has valid words to say about the issue of Palestine, and I tried to be the voice of the Iranian nation and the people who shout for the rights of the Palestinians in the streets during this trip.” Since the beginning of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iran has had a clear opinion about the rights of the Palestinian people, and on the other hand, it has always regarded the Zionist regime as a fake, usurping and identityless regime.

Emphasizing that the passage of time, even if it is 75 years, does not create legitimacy and property rights for a usurping and occupying regime, Raisi stated: The Islamic Republic of Iran, following the clear and explicit opinion of Imam Rahal and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, even before The victory of the Islamic revolution considered and considers the issue of freedom of Jerusalem and the rights of the Palestinian people to be the first issue of the Islamic world and a benchmark for identifying and recognizing the true positions of countries.

Continuing to explain the view of the Islamic Republic on Palestine and clarifying the dimensions of the crime against humanity, the war crime and the genocide of the Zionists in Gaza, the president listed among his other goals for participating in this meeting and noted: One of the main differences between our presence and our speech in this Compared to other participants, the meeting was to introduce America as the main culprit in these crimes, which has played the biggest role in creating, surviving, and arming and supporting the Zionist regime in the killing of Palestinian women and children.

Raisi also outlined his 10 solutions and proposals in this meeting for Gaza’s exit from the current crisis and emphasized the need to support the resistance as the only way to liberate Quds Sharif and said: “In this meeting, we are contrary to what some say about the future of the Palestinian issue in The solution format of the two governments stated that we have presented a completely democratic solution based on referring to the votes of all Palestinians, including Muslims, Christians and Jews, to determine their fate.

The president continued to hold about 10 side meetings on the sidelines of this summit with the heads of Arab and Islamic countries and expressed their satisfaction with expressing the Islamic Republic’s clear position on the issue of Palestine and Gaza, as well as reviewing bilateral and international relations during these meetings, among other opportunities. He mentioned what was achieved in this meeting and stated: We hope that what was done in this trip and in this meeting was in the direction of securing national interests and the Islamic Ummah.

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