Very unhealthy air in Ahvaz/ the air of 5 cities of Khuzestan was put in red status – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Ahvaz, according to the announcement of the country’s air quality monitoring system on Thursday, in the last 24 hours ending at eight o’clock this morning, based on the measurement of suspended particles with a size of 2.5 microns, the city of Ahvaz is in a very unhealthy condition with an index of 204 micrograms per cubic meter. .

Based on this, the weather conditions of Ahvaz (Drilling) 193, Ahvaz (New Side) 200, Ahvaz (Padadshahr 183), Ahvaz (General Department of Environmental Protection) 189, Khorramshahr 156, Sosangerd 181, Shushtar 166, Mahshahr 160 and Handijan 153 are in Unhealthy or red.

The air condition of the cities of Andimeshk with an index of 135, Dezful 150 and Masjid Suleiman 114 has been reported as unhealthy for sensitive groups. The air in the cities of Omidiyeh, Behbahan, Ramshir, Ramhormoz, Shadgan, Shush and Gatund has been declared acceptable due to the absence of pollution.

Also, during the mentioned period, the air of no city was in a clean state. During the past week, the air of Ahvaz city and other parts of the province has gone through a red and unhealthy state.

According to rahnam, the presence of polluting industries in Khuzestan, such as oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, sugarcane, etc., has caused the level of pollution in urban and rural areas of Khuzestan to be high, which has caused health and environmental problems for residents.

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