The proposal to increase the pensioners’ salaries by 90% / the salaries of this group should be equalized – rahnam

In an interview with the parliamentary reporter of rahnam News Agency, Jabar Kouchini Nejad, the representative of the people of Rasht in the Islamic Council, while emphasizing on equalizing the pensioners’ rights, said: The pensioners’ rights do not provide enough for their lives due to the economic conditions of the country, and it is necessary that their rights be increased. During the review of the bill of the 7th plan for the development of the whole country in the parliament, they are looking to equalize the pensioners’ rights.

He added: In the Unification Commission, models were proposed by the representatives to equalize pensioners’ rights, and in the meetings we had with the government, government officials also proposed models for equalization that we should reach an agreement on.

The representative of the people of Rasht in the parliament said about one of the proposals made to increase pensioners’ salaries: one of the proposals is to increase pensioners’ salaries by 90% during the 7th plan in such a way that in the first year of the implementation of this program their salaries will be increased by 50% and in the year The second implementation is to increase the remaining 40% so that the salary of this group is equal to 90% of the salary received by the employed employees.

Kochchinejad pointed out: In the meetings of the Consolidation Commission on Saturday and Sunday, we will reach a conclusion about the manner and amount of salary increase for retirees in the Consolidation Commission, and the final decision will be taken in the public meeting on Tuesday of this week.

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