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In an interview with the sports reporter of rahnam News Agency, Mohsen Mohammad Seifi said about winning the silver medal at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou after winning three gold medals in the previous periods: Everything went well and according to plan; Except the day of the final. Considering that I don’t want to enter it anymore, but the events that happened on the day of the finals and during the competition, went hand in hand so that the undisputed gold was taken from my hand and turned into silver. The fact is that I have won and lost a lot during my career and I have not always won. One side of the coin is winning and the other side is losing, but if my opponent was better and I lost, I wouldn’t be upset. The Chinese Wushukar was not an opponent who could take me.

Sometimes it can’t happen

The holder of three gold and one silver medals of the Asian Games, referring to the many hardships he has endured to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games, said: I tried a lot and had several injuries to my knees and shoulders, and my collarbone was also broken. Really, if someone else were in my place, I would not have made it to the Asian Games, but thank God, I appeared in this event despite all these qualities and did not play bad games. Even in the final match, even though I was dead, I attacked in all three rounds, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. However, I thank God again.

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If conditions allow, I will participate in the Nagoya Asian Games

In response to the question whether he is thinking about his fifth appearance in the Asian Games or if Hangzhou was his last appearance in these competitions, he said: I have always said that I am here as long as my mind and body allow me to be productive for the national team and I will not go anywhere. If physical and mental conditions allow; Why not, and I will definitely participate in the Nagoya Asian Games. If the conditions are available, I would very much like to be present in the next period as well; Because winning the fourth gold medal still remains in my heart. However, first we have to see where the fate of participating in the American World Championships will lead, and after that I must rest for a while and reach my injuries and make a serious decision.

Seifi clarified: I don’t like to be at any cost and I have to be the best to continue. After the Asian Games and despite the pressures I endured, I started training after 2-3 days after returning to Iran, and then I attended the national team camp for the world championship. Not everyone does that, really. Maybe a 20-year-old athlete can do this after winning the first Asian Games medal, but after 17, 18 years of being in the national team and winning several medals, it was difficult for me to go to training after 2-3 days. My mentality is that either I should not be or if I am, I should be the best. That’s why I like to continue as long as the mind and body help.

One of the reasons for the success of Wushu was the empathy of our team

The captain of the national wushu team said about the performance of other national players: The players we had were a combination of experienced and young people. Youssef Sabri has two world golds and two world and Asian youth golds and is an experienced player. He was able to win the gold medal in the weight of 75 kg. Afshin Salimi has been competing for years. He is the Asian youth champion and was in the national team camps for many years, and in the weight that Irfan Ahangarian won the gold medal at the Shanghai World Championships, he took the first place in the national championship with authority and won everyone in the qualifiers. In the Asian Games, he showed a great performance and won gold.

He clarified: Shoja Panahi had come to the adult age group for the first time after the youth age group. Shoja is a motivated young man and he was my roommate. I tried to transfer my years of weight loss experience, camp conditions and diet to him. If Shaha had been a bit more experienced, he could have beaten the Chinese opponent and won the gold medal. Corona caused us to be 4-5 years behind all events. After the 2019 World Championship, our first serious and important event was the Asian Games. One of the reasons for our team’s success in the men’s and women’s division was our empathy. The subject that made us get a good result and every child helped each other.

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I hope that our visa will be issued to visit America

Regarding the participation in the world championships and the conditions for obtaining visas for the national team, Seifi reminded: All the necessary work has been done and we went to Armenia for visa work three months ago. Sediqi (the head of the federation) even bought the tickets to America and everything has been done. We are currently in the last camp and our ticket is for Tuesday, November 23. If the visa does not arrive in the next few days, the situation will be difficult. I hope the visas will be issued; Because the federation did everything necessary.

The holder of 5 gold medals in the world added: “Until this moment, there is no news about our visas, but about the visas of 35 countries in the world, and we are all waiting.” My feeling is that maybe the Americans want to give the visas all at once. The World Federation must obtain a visa guarantee before specifying the host. Competitions without the participation of China, Russia and Iran are useless. He will definitely do his best to win the sixth world gold medal if sent.

Our ranking in the Asian Games shows what happened with Sajjadi’s management

Regarding the protests of the Asian Games medalists regarding the rewards of these competitions, he said: In fairness, the amount of the prize is low compared to the previous Asian Games. Unfortunately, Sajjadi could not have a proper management in the Ministry of Sports, and our ranking in the Asian Games shows what happened. The number of medals, especially the gold medal, shows what happened with Sajjadi’s management. To be fair, the prizes for an event that is held every four years and this period has also turned 5 years are few.

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The sum of the rewards of Asian and Para-Asian medalists is equivalent to the contract of two football players

Seifi noted: 54 people won medals in the Asian Games and 131 people won medals in the Para-Asian Games, totaling 185 people. If we consider all these medals as gold, the sum of rewards will be 185 billion. It’s really not a number for an event like the Asian Games, which is the Asian Olympics. This is despite the fact that the contract of two football players is 150 billion tomans.

I will get the highest contract of Wushu Premier League for 50 million Tomans

Iran’s wushu national team member said: Last year, I got the highest contract of the wushu premier league, which was 50 million tomans. Do you think that an athlete can buy an Iranian car with several contracts of 50 million tomans? Meanwhile, if an athlete advertises on Instagram, he will earn more than this amount. The conditions are not good at all in terms of prizes. After announcing the awards, I wrote a story to honorable engineer Hashemi, who is a sportsman himself and knows the story of sports, athletes, medals and medal winnings, heroes, houses, life and inflation, and told him these things.

The bonus for the Hangzhou Asian Games today is four and a half billion

Criticizing the reduction of Asian Games awards compared to the past, he told rahnam: The gold medal of the 2018 Asian Games was considered 160 points and each point was calculated as 3 million. While the coin was 5 million tomans. With what formula did they calculate this year and how much of the coin did they consider? I got 150 coins at the Asian Games in Guangzhou, which is close to 4.5 billion if we consider the current price of coins. In 1989, I sold those coins for sixty-seven million and five hundred thousand tomans, which was a very large number, and the price of the Land Cruiser was 120 million tomans.

Seifi pointed out: You will not be able to buy a 60-meter house in Tehran even with a prize of four billion and five hundred million. Now you think that they calculated the gold of the Asian Games at 900 million tomans. It is not known which of these medal winners of the current year or even the next year will participate in these competitions. Life, youth and life of our athletes is passing. With this money, our athletes cannot have a future. These conditions have caused the decline of our fields and the weakness of our sports camps, and there is no more enthusiasm for the participation of the young generation and to continue them.

With three cage matches, I earned the equivalent of the Asian Games gold bonus

The silver medalist of the Hangzhou Asian Games, referring to the low motivation of young people to participate in championship sports, said: “Young people have learned to go to business and they know that they can earn multiple times by trading a car a month.” The drop in our fields shows everything well. It’s not nice to say, but I did three matches in the Brave organization and received about 18,19 thousand dollars, which is about one billion tomans. That is, I got the reward of an Asian Games gold medal with three races and I just gave 15% of my prize money to my program manager.

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If there were no national team camps, good things would not happen in my life

Referring to the problems in his personal life and bad mental conditions, Mohammad Seifi told rahnam: “I am almost 34 years old, and since I was 17 or 18 years old, when I found myself and became the national team, I have never been like last year, especially before the Asian Games in terms of I was not mentally disturbed. If it wasn’t for the national team camps, good things wouldn’t have happened in my life, and on the other hand, there was a person in my life that I could find some peace by talking with him. One of my friends was with me a lot and I used to talk to him when I felt like it and he was very much with me. I don’t know why I’m not feeling well.

My ex-wife’s family is not easygoing

He added: A series of events happened in my life, and part of them was the discussion of separation from my ex-wife. That Volken family is not a story and they harass and pressure me in different ways and I am sure they were not even satisfied with me getting a medal in the Asian Games. A few days ago, I announced on the internet that I filed for divorce myself and paid nearly 4 billion. What else does a person have to do to get rid of him?

The national wushu player of our country noted: I am not feeling well at all and I hope to win a gold medal in the world championship so that I can get out of this situation. The dear one I was with during this time worked very hard. Even my family and friends didn’t know about some issues, and even recently, some very good things happened in my life that made me a little better. I thank this dear friend very much and I hope the best happens to him wherever he is. It is rare to have such friends.

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