Floods and inundation in 13 provinces/relief to 2,603 ​​people/search to save the missing continues – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam news agency’s provinces group, Mahmoudi, the head of the rescue organization, referring to the flood operations from November 11th to 20th and until 5:00 am today, announced the impact of 13 provinces and said: 33 cities and 90 regions need Received relief services.

He continued: Red Crescent rescuers provided relief to 2,603 ​​people, moved 68 people to safe areas, and provided emergency accommodation to 270 people. They lost and one person went missing in Miami.

Pointing out that the water collected in 188 residential units was drained with the help of water pumps and sludge removal devices, the head of the rescue organization added: 143 rescue teams, including 622 people, participated in the flood and flooding operation.

Mahmoudi said: 58 tents, 1717 blankets, 741 carpets, 267 sets of dishes, 592 kg of nylon, 600 food packages and 570 kg of rice were distributed to the people affected by the flood.

It should be noted that the relief operation in Golestan and the search for a missing person in Miami city located in Semnan province are continuing.

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