Failure to return “22 million dollars of government currency” by the managers of a petrochemical company/the fugitive managers were arrested – rahnam

Colonel Mehdi Afshari; The head of economic security police of Greater Tehran said in an interview with the social reporter of rahnam news agency: By carrying out technical and police measures, the officers of this police managed to arrest foreign currency debtors in the area of ​​Vali-Asr street.

He added: following technical and information measures in advance and the complaint of a number of money changers and the central bank regarding the non-fulfillment of foreign exchange obligations by the managers of companies active in the field of petrochemicals who have received 22 million dollars of foreign exchange for importing chemicals and the foreign exchange obligations and non-sale of foreign currency As a result of the export, they did not act and ran away, so the detectives of this police tried to identify and arrest the accused.

Col. Afshari said: The foreign currency obligation of these people is 22 million dollars, and a case was filed in this regard, and after the investigation, the accused were presented to the judicial authority while confessing to the crime committed.

Stating that experts have declared the value of the pledged currency to be more than 11 thousand billion rials, this police officer requested the citizens to call the police on 02166747343 or 09999871392 if they see any similar cases.

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