The American government has not sent a defense to the court regarding the complaint of the families of the martyrs of the shrine – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam News Agency, Masoud Satayshi; In a press conference today, Wednesday, November 17, the spokesperson of the Judiciary stated, regarding the handling of pending cases, including the holding of a legal court to hear the lawsuit of the families of the martyrs who defended the Haram, the principle policy of the judiciary in the period of transformation and advancement is that in addition to the fair handling of the issue The criminal aspects of the crimes committed by America and the Zionist regime and the groups supported by these countries, the legal aspects should be dealt with fairly and in a competent court and a legal verdict should be issued.

He emphasized: There are legal documents that all indicate the duty of the judicial system to deal with these complaints.

Satayshi continued: Based on the emphasis of the head of the judiciary, in the past, the case of terrorist groups supported by the American terrorist government was held in the form of the case of the terrorist groups of Ahvaziya or the Thunder group and the case of the assassination of Martyr Soleimani.

The spokesperson of the Judiciary continued: The support and political support and weapons and media guidance of these terrorist groups are a clear example of supporting terrorists, which is planned with the aim of creating a safe fence for the occupation regime of Jerusalem and creating insecurity in the region. In this regard, the trial of the creation of terrorist groups by the American government such as ISIS and their support was held in the 55th branch of the International Court of Justice.

The spokesman of the judiciary then explained the authority of the judicial system to hold this court based on various laws and said: The readers were invited by members of the American government to attend this court, but so far the American government or the readers did not send a bill to the court.

The implementation of the suggestions of the head of the judicial branch to the heads of judicial bodies of Islamic countries is followed up

The brutal attacks of the Zionist regime on Gaza continue more than a month after the glorious operation and the resolute defense of the oppressed Palestinians of their Islamic and national dignity. Comparing the brutal actions of the temporary and fake Zionist regime, including the massacre and genocide of children, women and patients in Gaza, with a wolf is cruelty to this animal, but it is in line with taking practical measures and forcing the governments to provide political and judicial support to the oppressed Palestinian nation and use the capacities Laws To confront and prosecute the Zionist usurper, various measures have been taken by the judiciary.

He added: The head of the Judiciary, in a letter addressed to the heads of judicial institutions of Islamic countries, requested to use legal capacities to defend the Palestinian people in order to commit the crimes of the Zionist regime.

Satayshi continued: The International Vice-President of the Judiciary and the Human Rights Headquarters will follow up on the implementation of this correspondence.

Registration of public meetings with judicial officials through the “Same” system.

The spokesperson of the Judiciary also said: Last week, during the provincial trips, the head of the Judiciary along with the judicial officials were the guests of the warm and friendly people of Kerman. In the part of this trip to the province, I will mention that it is meeting people. This public meeting is held in all provincial trips.

Satyaishi said: During this one-day trip, the first deputy of the judiciary, the general director of public relations, etc., met 256 of our dear people in the capital of Kerman province for nearly 11 hours, and the request of 200 more people will be examined, and 750 people from The people of the province have met face to face with other members of the Supreme Judicial Council. The meeting request registration process is recorded in the “Same” system.

The spokesman of the judiciary stated: Actions have been taken and the follow-up of the application process is a dangerous process, which has been tried to prevent this danger from being passed on to the people. Kerman was the second trip to the province where people were surveyed after the meeting to express their opinions about the way of treatment, type of place, etc., after summarizing this survey, it was accompanied by 78% satisfaction of the met.

Monitoring of issued votes increases

In another part of this press conference, the spokesman of the judiciary said about the increase in requests for the application of Article 477: The processes and trends regarding Article 477 of the Law of Procedure are among the main concerns of the head of the judiciary. The custodian of this matter in the judicial branch is the judicial deputy of the branch, and the utmost care and attention is given by using human resources in this deputy to fulfill the legal regulations and sharia standards in the shortest possible time.

Satayshi continued: The effort of the judicial branch is to take measures and the outcome of this is to reduce these demands. It means that the votes issued by the hearing authorities are subject to Article 477 related to legal and Shariah standards and there is no need to apply this article.

He added: The Supreme Court of the country has supreme supervision over the general and revolutionary and military courts to monitor the implementation of measures. This monitoring is required to be done in a detailed and comprehensive manner.

He continued: According to the instructions of the Judiciary Directorate, if a request to apply the provisions of Article 477 is made by our Directorate of Justice of the Provinces, it must be accompanied by the opinion of the judge issuing the decision. Also, a separate list of requests for the application of this article is regularly prepared for the judicial branches whose votes are in conflict.
Satayshi emphasized: Our effort is to reduce the amount of requests to apply this article by increasing the accuracy of the issued votes.

Explanations of the spokesman of the judiciary about the case of the governor of Qazvin

Satayshi said about the case of the governor of Qazvin, the person in question was prosecuted in the years 2019, 2000 and 2001 with the complaint of a private plaintiff on the charge of publishing lies with the intention of disturbing the public mind, and he was convicted in all of them.

The spokesman of the judiciary continued: In the first case, he was sentenced to a fine and in the second case, he was sentenced to 13 months and 7 days in the trial court. However, the execution of the decision in the second case was suspended in the Qazvin Court of Appeal. In the third case, he was sentenced to 100 million Rials in fine and additional punishment. During the period of suspension, the third case was registered and led to his conviction, and according to the law, due to the violation of the suspension rules, the sentence issued by the first branch was finalized.

Satayshi continued: More than 14 experienced judges were involved in the process of handling his cases from the prosecutor’s office and issuing verdicts in the primary and appeal courts. Also, regarding the arguments raised regarding the lack of competence of a judge due to being a beneficiary, the accused had the right to object in the proceedings, but he did not raise any objection for lack of competence.
He emphasized: At the same time, the provincial justice complex presents the case to a scientific committee for study, but no direct or indirect connection is observed and they approve the issued indictment.

The spokesman of the judiciary said: The governor of Qazvin is now free using Article 62 of the Islamic Penal Code.

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