Some of the American embassy captors did not keep their promise in sedition/We are witnessing “American-Israeli” human rights in Gaza – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, Sardar Ahmadreza Radan; This morning, the commander in chief of police said in the ceremony of honoring the illustrious security builders regarding the crushing of the military and intelligence hegemony of the Zionist regime by the Palestinian fighters: the people who considered themselves the owners of sanctions learned such a lesson from the people who were being sanctioned that it will remain in history.

Stating that the United States considers itself Israel’s economic and military partner from the beginning, he said: The Zionist regime claimed that its intelligence networks are invincible and its defense layers are impenetrable, but the Palestinian fighters crushed this hymen and made Israel a fake unit.

Pointing out that the Palestinian strike was such a big deal that Biden personally came to the field so that he could give sympathy and management to the Israelis, Radan said: “When there is a strike, the enemy becomes a wild wolf and hurts women and children and all treaties.”

The Commander-in-Chief of Police stated: The enemy of human rights is that if a fighter tries to defend his own country, he is a usurper, but if he kills himself, then he is respecting human rights!

He continued: American-Israeli human rights are that if a hundred thousand people are killed by the other side, there is no problem and they have the right, but if two of their own people are killed, human rights have been violated!

Radan pointed out: Arrogant people always tried to stop the movement and efforts of the people who are the owners of the land according to the Qur’an by imposing sanctions. He said: The first person who was sanctioned on this land was Prophet Muhammad The ban on Prophet Muhammad showed that it is possible to win over the enemies with ban.

The country’s police chief said: “If we didn’t have sanctions during the war, we would never have felt the need and as a result, we would never have made progress.”

He added: If the enemy sanctions a police commander, it means that he has sanctioned the thinking of that commander and his officers. The enemy does not know that these sanctions are an honor for the police because it shows that their noses are being rubbed into the dirt.

At the end, Sardar Radan pointed out that some people climbed the wall of the American embassy and captured that spy nest, and said: “Today, some people kept their promise and are proud, but some people separated, those who separated were weak and hesitant in their will; We should be careful not to regret our performance in different times and consider this medal, which is the medal of victory of the oppressed but powerful, as an honor until the Resurrection.

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