Mecca mosque or digital currency farm? – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, an informed source stated: The trustees of the Makki mosque, in order to obtain unusual and personal benefits illegally, with the help of foreign agents, imported a number of miners into the country and misused the free electricity of the Makki mosque and school to extract cryptocurrency. Is.

Until this year’s Murad month, the electricity consumption had a steady trend, but in the month of Murad month, the electricity consumption increased by leaps and bounds by more than 16 thousand kilowatts (the Rial equivalent of the normal tariff amounting to more than one billion tomans), and this increase coincides with the launch of 80 devices. Miner has been in the above location.

In the past three months, public reports of fluctuations and electrical disturbances have increased in the area of ​​Khayam, Razi and Modares streets in Zahedan.

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