The central bank has a red line in the currency market/ we will definitely not have a jump in the exchange rate – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency, Shahin Shayan Arani pointed to the effect of news on the currency market as a psychological factor affecting the rates and said: Negative news with rapid dissemination in cyberspace affects the currency market trend.

This analyst of financial issues stated: The recent war in Gaza in the Middle East fueled the expectations of the exchange rate increase in the market, and we were facing a psychological factor here, which of course does not mean that the exchange rate should increase.

Shayan Arani added: This means that such pressures exist in all countries, but we have an official authority called the Central Bank, which is responsible for market creation and control of exchange rates.

According to him, with the pressure to increase the exchange rate due to psychological reasons, the central bank has acted well and manages the currency market correctly.

This analyst of financial issues emphasized: In my opinion, the central bank has been able to control and manage the exchange rate within a certain threshold and range in the current situation as well as in recent months. Although the exchange rate fluctuates, these fluctuations are normal.

Shayan Arani pointed out that the important thing in the current situation is that the Central Bank of Tuvan has the necessary currency reserves, authority and authority to effectively manage the currency market, and said: It will also exercise its prudence at the right time. .

He added: The important issue is that the Central Bank has been able to manage the foreign exchange market and control the jump in the dollar rate despite all the pressures and real and psychological factors. If some people think that we will have a currency jump, I must emphasize that this is not the case and that the currency market is under the management of the Central Bank.

According to this analyst of financial issues, in fact, there is an institution called the Central Bank, which enters at the right time and controls and controls the currency jump based on its expert and technical policies. In the last one year, the actions of the central bank to manage and control the exchange rate have been effective.

He also added that the central bank has a red line in the foreign exchange market that does not allow the exchange rate to rise above a certain range and thus controls the foreign exchange market.

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