Amir Nasirzadeh: Israeli pilots have killed defenseless people like animals – rahnam

According to the defense reporter of rahnam news agency, Amir Aziz Nasirzadeh, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, said in a speech at the Farhangian Martyrs’ Memorial: “During the Corona era, we neglected and neglected the teenagers, and the enemy was able to use this time and create ideas in the minds of our youth.” to institutionalize

He added: “The best tribute to martyrs is not to blush in front of arrogance.” Our duty is to fight against the establishment of disbelief, and the best type of explanation jihad in schools is to explain the way of the martyrs to the students.

Nasirzadeh said: Our teachers are on the front line of the war today. Today, the main field of battle is in the field of cognitive warfare, and teachers have a decisive role in this field to preserve the values ​​and ideals of the revolution. The future architecture of the society is the responsibility of education and teachers have a unique role in this field.

Referring to Israel’s crimes in the Gaza Strip, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces said: “Today, we are witnessing that instead of sitting in class, students in Gaza have to sit on the ruins of their schools and houses.”

He added: I am a fighter pilot myself and I witnessed that during the war, our pilots never carried out an operation against civilian targets. But today, Israeli pilots have killed defenseless people like animals, and it is not clear where the consciences of international law are?

Nasirzadeh clarified: I wonder why some insiders who make noise for a small matter are silent? God willing, all of us will pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque with the Imam of Asr and the presence of the leader of the revolution.


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