11 provinces affected by flood and inundation / Relief continues in Zahedan / Heavy rain in eastern provinces – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam news agency’s provincial group, Mahmoudi, the head of the rescue organization, referring to the flood and inundation operations from 11 to 16 November and until 5:00 am today, stated: Red Crescent rescuers went to 11 provinces affected by floods and inundation, including 18 cities. And 43 regions (36 villages and 7 cities) provided relief.

He continued: In the last 5 days, 650 people were helped and 55 people were transferred to safe areas and 45 people found emergency accommodation.

Mahmoudi stated that the collected water was drained in 73 residential units and added: 54 rescue teams, including 267 rescuers, participated in this operation.

The head of the rescue organization said: 12 tents, 558 blankets, 131 carpets, 57 sets of dishes, 97 food packages, 283 kg of nylon and 57 kg of rice were distributed.

It should be noted that relief efforts continue in the city of Zahedan (Sistan and Baluchistan).

Heavy rain in the eastern provinces of the country

Referring to the warning of the Meteorological Organization, Morteza Moradipour, deputy director of operations of the Rescue and Rescue Organization, said: According to the orange level warning of the Meteorological Organization, there is a possibility of heavy rain and torrential rain and strong wind, on Mondays, in the southern half of South Khorasan, the northern half of Sistan and Baluchistan and The eastern half of Hormozgan, on Tuesday, in the eastern half of Mazandaran, Golestan and the western strip and north of North Khorasan, on Wednesday, the southern strip and west of Golestan and eastern Mazandaran.

He continued: Therefore, Red Crescent rescuers in 6 provinces of the country were on alert.

Moradipour added: According to the weather warning, I request my compatriots to pay attention to the weather warnings and get information about the condition of the roads before traveling.

It should be noted that, currently, Red Crescent rescuers are providing relief to 3 provinces affected by floods, in Mazandaran, Gilan and Yazd provinces.

It should be noted that the number 112, call for help, is ready to help the compatriots in case of an accident.

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