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According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, Sampad schools are among the special public schools that accept gifted and talented students by holding an entrance exam in the seventh grade.

Students who pass the seventh grade entrance exam will study in these schools until the end of the 12th grade, but if a student wants to enter these schools from the tenth grade, he must participate in the entrance exam (capacity completion).

Now, the General Board of the Administrative Justice Court annulled the discriminatory provision between normal students and gifted students that admits 9th grade students without participating in the 10th grade exam in gifted schools.

Of course, the Administrative Court of Justice issued a notice in recent days and noted that this decision does not apply to the past, so students studying in Sampad schools are not subject to it.

The entrance exam market around Sampad schools is normal

In this connection, Omid Nakshineh; The vice president of talent search of the National Organization for the Development of Brilliant Talents, pointing out that the formation of the entrance examination market around the entrance exam of Sampad schools is normal, said: To admit students to the seventh grade of Sampad schools, an entrance exam is held and those accepted enter the tenth grade without an exam, but other students for Entering the 10th grade, they participate in the capacity completion test.

Currently, one of the criticisms is that while the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution seeks to reduce the entrance exam’s role in university admissions, the Ministry of Education is holding an entrance exam for Sampad and state schools, the number of participants of which is comparable to the national entrance exam. The other has created the “Konkor-Quality Rating” to control the expectations in the field of educational quality!

Emphasizing that the students of Sampad schools must have good academic conditions and obtain at least a grade point average of 18, he noted: The Court of Administrative Justice believes that entering the students of Sampad schools into the 10th grade without an exam is far from justice.

40% of the 10th grade entrance of Sampad schools are from new students

Nakhsineh noted: This year, 18,751 people were admitted to the seventh grade and 11,546 people were admitted to complete the capacity of the tenth grade, and in the second secondary period, approximately 40% of the students are new entries and 60% are from Sampad schools.

The vice president of talent search of the National Organization for the Development of Brilliant Talents believes: Even if the entrance exam is held for the 10th grade, most of the students of the first secondary school of Sampad schools will be accepted and the number of seats in these schools will not increase, but the students will be busy with testing classes and finally the entrance exam institutions will earn more!

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