Raisi: The Zionist regime has practically collapsed / The American claim about trying to establish a ceasefire in Gaza is a lie – rahnam

According to the reporter of rahnam News Agency, President Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi said in a press meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Sudani that took place this morning in Saad Abad complex after meeting and bilateral negotiations: Political and diplomatic relations between the two countries are improving day by day. And the cooperation between the two countries in security matters is one of the most important things that have been done during this period.

He added: Also, Mr. Prime Minister’s management for the security of the region, especially in the climate, and the implementation of the security agreement between the two countries is worthy of appreciation, and efforts should be made to fully implement this agreement, and these measures are aimed at disarming the enemies and counter-revolution and the security of the border areas.

The president pointed out that good steps have been taken to improve relations in the field of economic issues. The development of trade relations between the two countries, especially regarding the industrial towns on the borders and cooperation for production, is one of the steps that have been taken. I must also appreciate the efforts of Mr. Al-Sudani and the Iraqi government for the Shalamcheh-Basra railway line, which is one of the important crossings.

Raisi clarified: The common position of the two countries regarding the Palestinian issue is that the bombing should be stopped as soon as possible, a ceasefire should be established, and aid should be given to the oppressed and powerful people of Gaza. This horrible crime against humanity, genocide and infanticide is being carried out by the Zionist regime and its supporters, the United States and some European countries.

He continued: “Unfortunately, the weapons, information and financial aid provided by the Americans to the Zionist regime encourages them to kill, kill and commit cruel acts against the Palestinian people. The Americans claim that they are looking for aid to Gaza or a ceasefire, which is a false claim and is not compatible with their actions.

The president added: “Today, we see that the Americans veto the resolutions proposed in the Security Council, and it actually opens the hand of this regime to murder.” We blame these crimes on America and the countries supporting the Zionist regime, and all those countries are complicit in these crimes.

Raisi stated: The truth is that after the struggle and standing of the resistance against the Zionist regime and the defeat it inflicted on this regime, this regime has collapsed, but the Americans want to keep it standing. The estimation of the world until today is that the Palestinian nation is victorious and killing children and women and destroying people’s houses is not a victory for the Zionist regime. A crime against humanity cannot compensate for this disgraceful failure.

He stated: Today, Islamic countries, the region and the world, as well as those who believe in God, human conscience and history, cannot be held accountable for their silence in the face of these crimes. We support any action in Islamic countries, regional countries and the world to prevent the Zionist regime and the American ruling body from killing the innocent people of Gaza.

In the end, the president said: I appreciate Mr. Al-Sudani’s good stance on the Palestinian issue and his statement from the beginning of this crisis. Their positions are really right and we hope that the views of the two countries will pave the way for the cooperation of other countries and we can take a series of measures to deter the Zionist regime from these crimes.

Al-Sudani also stated during his speech: My trip to Tehran is to emphasize the depth of relations between Iran and Iraq, as well as the common issues between the two countries. The importance of this trip is formed in the shadow of the precise and sensitive conditions of the region.

He added: In the meeting with Mr. Raisi, we talked about various issues, and of course the most important one is the issue of Palestine and the killing that is being done against the Palestinian nation, the organized and mass killing of our children is happening in Gaza and what is happening in the West Bank by the settlers. takes place

The Prime Minister of Iraq said: We also emphasize Iraq’s firm and principled position on the Palestinian issue and the struggle of the Palestinian people to realize their freedom and form an independent state with the capital of Quds Sharif.

Al-Sudani stated: The position of the country of Iraq is a clear position that has been emphasized by religious authorities, especially the religious authority in Najaf, political and national currents have emphasized it. The Iraqi government has also announced this position in the Cairo conference.

He clarified: “We know very well that this recent crisis was not the result of October 7 this year, but this crisis was the result of the criminal policies of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian nation, which took place with the killing and displacement of the Palestinian nation and the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

The Prime Minister of Iraq stated: In the past years, the residents of Gaza have been in a large prison. While the world is a witness and no action is taken to implement international resolutions and decisions; Like the Oslo and Madrid conferences.

Al-Sudani pointed out: Iran and Iraq will continue their efforts to reach the more important goal, which is a complete ceasefire in Gaza.

He said: In the meeting with Mr. Raisi, we also discussed the privileged bilateral relations between Iran and Iraq. Especially as we have seen this year, these relations have grown in many fields and will surely benefit both Muslim and neighboring nations.

The Prime Minister of Iraq stated: This year, practical steps have been taken regarding many existing cases between the two countries, and today we are trying to complete these plans. including the Shalamcheh-Basra railway and border economic settlements between the two countries, as well as the activation of commercial exchange and transportation between the two countries.

Al-Sudani stated: There are many opportunities for economic partnership and cooperation between the two countries. including the development path between the two countries, which we hope will be in accordance with the North-South project and the ring road, which will benefit both countries; Especially since both countries have a good geographical location in the region and the world.

He added: “Fortunately, we saw that the security committee between Iran and Iraq succeeded in fulfilling its obligations regarding the border areas and we were able to implement the obligations regarding the destruction of the places that created tension on the border and anything that might harm the security of Iran.” We in the Iraqi government are trying to achieve security on the Iran-Iraq border and we will not allow any group to pose a threat to Iran from the territory of Iraq.

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