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According to rahnam news agency from Qom, quoted by Hozha news center, Seyyed Pejman Shirmardi honored the memory of the martyrs, especially the Martyrs of Energy, during the public ethics lesson of Al-Zahra University students, which was held on the topic of “The Latest Scientific Achievements of the Country” in the Islamic Awakening Hall. Nuclear and Martyrs of Gaza, stated: Today, the oppressed people of Gaza are offering their blood for the stability of Islam and resistance with the brutal killing of the Zionist usurper regime in a closed and besieged space.

Iran’s nuclear issue is one of the most important fronts of right against wrong

Referring to the nuclear technology and the achievements of the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran during the past few years, the deputy head of the Atomic Energy Organization stated: In the past twenty years, Iran’s nuclear issue has been one of the most important fronts of right against wrong and one of the fronts Resistance is against the tyranny of the arrogant and the domination system.

He reminded: Iran’s nuclear case, which was transferred to the International Atomic Energy Agency in 1983, Western countries sought to limit Iran’s nuclear energy activities, and since then, Iran’s nuclear activities have become one of the important issues of Iran’s foreign policy. Was raised.

Nuclear technology is a scientific and technical issue, but this issue was politicized in Iran

Shirmardi clarified: The strategic mistake of the Western countries was that they thought that by stopping Iran’s nuclear issue, they would prevent Iran’s hardware progress in the nuclear field.

He stated: Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said in a narration: “Knowledge is the Sultan of Man Wajda Sal Beh and Man Lam Yajda Sail Ali; Knowledge is kingship and power, whoever finds it will be overcome by it and whoever loses it will be overcome by him”; We believe that the issue of nuclear technology is a scientific and technical issue, but due to the coercion of Western countries, they politicized this issue in Iran and used it as a lever for Islamophobia and Iranophobia.

Iran is looking for peaceful nuclear energy to solve society’s problems

The CEO of Iran Radiation Application Development Company continued: In 1945, more than 200,000 people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan were killed by the American atomic tests, after that, many Western countries entered nuclear science from the fifties.

Shermardi clarified: Nuclear energy according to NPT (abbreviation of the English name of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) belongs to everyone and any country can have peaceful nuclear activities, but the International Atomic Energy Agency, the dimension of limitations and It imposes more controls on our country and pressures those of us who seek peaceful nuclear energy to solve society’s problems.

There is no monitoring of the nuclear activities of the Zionist regime

The deputy of the Atomic Energy Organization noted: We accepted the NPT treaty in 1968, but there are countries next to us that are not subject to the NPT. Unfortunately, the occupying regime of Al-Quds has many nuclear warheads and the NPT has not accepted it, but there is no supervision over the nuclear activities of the Zionist regime and there is a duality in dealing with countries in relation to having a nuclear issue.

All of Iran’s nuclear activities are on a peaceful path

Shirmardi emphasized: All our nuclear activities are on the peaceful path and exploitation in people’s lives, and we are under strict inspections by the agency, on the other hand, the regime does not have any obligations and there is no supervision.

He pointed to the violation of the agreement of the International Atomic Energy Agency in providing the fuel needed for Iran’s reactors and added: According to the supreme leader of the revolution Madzaleh al-Ali, “We have had a nuclear challenge for twenty years, and now their method and policy is to deal with it in a completely cowardly and malicious way.” They do and they have no qualms about violating what they promised.”

The need to acquire strategic nuclear technologies

Referring to the need to acquire strategic nuclear technologies, the deputy head of the Atomic Energy Organization said: An important part is nuclear activities related to electricity production, which consists of the fuel cycle and includes uranium exploration, uranium ore mining, yellow cake production and etc.

He clarified: An important effective sector that is heavily invested in today is the use of nuclear technology in the non-power sector, which is used in four non-power sectors.

Use of nuclear technology in food security and agriculture

Shirmardi continued: One of the peaceful nuclear activities in the issue of food security and agriculture is that radiation and nuclear technology eliminate pests in food, and from this point of view, it is important. With nuclear technology, all harmful insects are destroyed and that food can be stored for years.

He reminded: Ninety percent of food irradiation devices are used in Russia, China, and the United States, while we use chemicals for this work, which have caused and increased cancer in our countries.

The managing director of Iran’s radiation application development company said: “For the sake of preserving the health and safety of people’s food, we must go towards radiation and nuclear technology and move towards providing healthy food to people.” Nuclear technology eliminates pests and diseases in food without harming the body.

The deputy head of the Atomic Energy Organization added: Another advantage of using peaceful nuclear technologies is the production of varieties and products resistant to environmental stress, the production of products resistant to dehydration and pests, and the production of more products in the agricultural industry. With nuclear technology, we can produce products that help our agriculture, reduce agricultural pollution, or increase root absorption.

Use of peaceful nuclear technology in the field of health

Shirmardi also mentioned the use of peaceful nuclear technology in the field of health and health and said: Iran is one of the countries that produce nuclear medicines.

He added: “Until 1986, we used to import 90% of our medicines from Belgium, but today we are among the important and prominent countries in the production and export of nuclear medicines.” These radiopharmaceuticals are used for cancer diseases, thyroid patients, heart scans, kidney scans, brain scans, etc.

Nuclear technology in sterilizing medical equipment

The deputy of the Atomic Energy Organization noted: One of the most important issues in hospitals is hospital infections, one of the causes of which is the use of non-sterilized or sterilized goods with chemicals, which can be done best with radiation.

He stated: Nuclear technology has many applications in sterilizing medical equipment, in the fields of environment, maintaining the rise of fine dust, preventing water pollution, reducing the microbial load of municipal waste, and in industry. In the field of polymers, one of the problems of increasing the quality of tires is the use of nuclear technologies.

Nuclear technology must come into people’s lives

Shirmardi emphasized: More should be said about the peaceful nuclear technology and its effects in people’s lives so that people get acquainted with this technology, and this science should also come into people’s lives.

He reminded: We have a plan to install radiation systems in 12 parts of the country to be used in agriculture, industrial and medical equipment, and all parts of the country will benefit from this great blessing and miraculous tool that God Almighty has provided to man. , to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Special attention has been paid to the name of nuclear technology

The deputy of the Atomic Energy Organization stated: All these achievements have started in the country and we are proud that special attention has been paid to a strategic and important technology called nuclear technology in Iran.

In the end, Shermardi emphasized: We must insist with strength and without tolerance in order to realize the rights of the people to use this valuable technology and revive all its parts and move in the direction of one day exporting peaceful nuclear technology as one of the achievements of the regime. Be holy to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Deputy of Atomic Energy Organization and accompanying delegation visited different parts of Al-Zahra community before this ceremony.

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