“Hunger war” of the occupiers against Gaza/ prevalence of malnutrition and 90% of children suffering from anemia – Tasnim

According to the report of Tasnim International News Agency, “Iyad Al-Bazm”, the spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Interior in the Gaza Strip, stated that no matter how much the enemy’s aggression continues, we will continue to perform our duties in providing services to the people.

Intensification of the use of prohibited weapons by the occupiers in the Gaza Strip

He added that the number of victims of the crimes of the occupying enemy in Gaza has reached more than 37 thousand people, including the martyrs, the injured and the missing. The occupiers deliberately target shelters and hospitals to displace the people of Gaza. We ask the awakened consciences in the world to put pressure on the barbaric Zionist regime to curb its crimes against our people.

This government official in Gaza emphasized that over the past few days, the Zionists have increased the use of prohibited weapons and phosphorous bombs against the people of Gaza, and they want to prevent their activities by deliberately attacking journalists and media members. Claiming that some areas of Gaza are safe, the enemy draws people to these areas and then bombards them.

Severe food crisis in Gaza

On the other hand, while in the shadow of the occupation regime’s brutal attacks on hospitals, ambulances and medical staff and medical centers being shut down due to lack of fuel, the health disaster in Gaza is at the top of the news related to the crimes of the Zionists in this region, the alarm of hunger and its consequences. Its horror has also been heard in the Gaza Strip.

“Cindy McCain”, the director of the World Food Program affiliated with the United Nations, sounded the alarm of hunger and humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip and called for the rapid arrival of humanitarian aid to this area in the shadow of the continued aggression of the Zionist regime.

He said from the Rafah crossing on the border of Egypt and Gaza, stressing that the vital food reserves in Gaza are running out, and the aid sent to the Gaza Strip is not enough at all.

The hunger war of the Zionists against the people of Gaza

In this regard, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Watch announced that in recent hours, Israel has terribly intensified the “hunger war” against the people of Gaza and seeks to worsen the living conditions of the people of Gaza, which has reached a catastrophic level. Israel wants to use starvation as a tool to force the people of Gaza into submission.

This human rights organization emphasized in a statement that the hunger war launched by Israel against the people of Gaza has so far cut off all food aid to this region, and at the same time, the bombing of bakeries, factories, food stores, etc. continues. In recent hours, the Israelis have deliberately focused their attacks on electricity generators and solar power units that commercial establishments, restaurants and civilian establishments depend on to maintain the minimum possible level of activity.

The organization warned that Israel destroyed the agricultural area of ​​eastern Gaza, flour warehouses and fishermen’s boats, as well as the supply centers of relief organizations, especially the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), which is the largest source of humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip. There is especially great concern about the impending death of children from starvation.

90% of children in Gaza are suffering from anemia and weak immune system

In the continuation of this statement, during the past few days, a staggering number of children suffering from acute malnutrition have been recorded in the Gaza Strip, who need urgent medical care. Before the start of these Israeli attacks on Gaza, in the shadow of the heavy siege against Gaza, 70% of the children in this region suffered from weak immune system and anemia, and after the start of the Israeli attacks and its consequences, 90% of the children in the Gaza Strip suffered from severe weakness. The immune system and acute anemia have suffered.

High risk of mortality for babies and pregnant women

According to this statement, children, especially infants, as well as pregnant women in Gaza are terribly affected by the consequences of these attacks; So that currently 52 thousand and 500 babies in Gaza are facing the risk of death due to hunger and thirst and environmental pollution. In addition, there are about 55,000 pregnant women in Gaza, and about 5,500 of them are due to give birth this month. Severe disruption in Gaza’s health system as a result of continuous attacks by Israelis and running out of food and water resources, as well as acute fuel crisis, seriously threatens the lives of mothers and newborn babies.

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Watch further warned that the risks of malnutrition among pregnant women are very high and seriously harm their children. With the scarcity of food and drinking water, these risks increase and the danger of death is lurking in pregnant women and their children. This is while the Israelis have allowed only 2% of food aid to enter the Gaza Strip, and they do not pay attention to international warnings and requests about the need for water, food, and fuel to enter the Gaza Strip quickly.

Destruction of livestock and agricultural products

The aforementioned human rights organization further announced that the distribution of food aid among the refugees of northern Gaza has been completely stopped since the past few days. In addition, in the shadow of power cuts and lack of fuel and continuous Israeli attacks, more than 15,000 farmers have lost their crops, and more than 10,000 ranchers could not provide feed for their animals, and many of their animals were also lost.

The organization emphasized that international humanitarian law strictly prohibits the use of starvation as a weapon of war, and Israel, as an occupying party, is obligated to protect the security of the people of Gaza and provide for their needs. In this situation, a decisive international action should be taken to establish a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip to prevent further deterioration of the situation.

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