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According to the cultural correspondent of rahnam news agency, the Palestinian resistance started the great operation Al-Aqsa Storm on Saturday, the 15th of October, to fight the crimes of the occupation regime of Jerusalem, an operation that was unprecedented in its kind and was carried out with surprising results. Following these attacks, Hamas forces first targeted areas of the occupied territories with rockets to counter the continued occupation of the Zionist regime, and then entered the occupied territories by land. More than a month has passed since the beginning of this operation. The Zionist regime, in its inability to deal with Hamas fighters, has launched borderless crimes in the residential areas of Gaza.

The resistance groups from all over the world have announced their readiness to confront the Zionist terrorists by declaring their disgust with the crimes committed by the Zionists against the civilians and children of Gaza. The Palestinian resistance continues to stand by sacrificing several thousand martyrs in this battle. With the emergence of Iraqi, Lebanese, and Yemeni resistance groups, the discussion about the imminent collapse of the Zionist regime has become stronger in political, media, and cultural circles.

But has the issue of Israel’s weakness and the prediction of its destruction in the near future been brought up recently over the Al-Aqsa storm operation or the 33-day war or the strengthening of Hamas’ operational capabilities? Definitely, a regime that has fought and committed crimes for more than a century to take over a country needs root and follow-up issues to collapse. Although the increasing power of Palestinian resistance and the bloodshed and borderless crimes of Israel in the Gaza Strip will be the most important reason for the weakness of this regime, there are other reasons from the point of view of the experts of this debate, which indicate the fall of Zionism. Let’s talk about the day of this diet:

1- Israel based on Slogan “A land without a nation for a nation without a land” It was established, all the world powers and Zionism at the moment of the century during 100 years with all kinds of tricks tried to give objectivity to this slogan on which Israel was founded, but this slogan met with complete failure because the Palestinian nation is alive and in Practice has shown that the land of Palestine is not a land without a nation, which is a safe country for a nation without a land. Zionism is nothing but immigration and usurpation of other people’s land for settlement. The stronger the presence of the Palestinian nation and the Palestinian identity is raised, the more immigrants find themselves exposed to insecurity, this both slows down the process of migration and increases reverse migration. If Zionism cannot usurp and occupy other lands, settlement building will have no meaning, and this means the ultimate failure of the Zionist project.

2 ـ World Zionist Organization It completely failed in its original goal of settling all the Jews of the world in Greater Israel, which included the Mediterranean to the Nile and from the Nile to the Euphrates. Zionism was able to settle only a part of the Jews in a small part of the so-called promised land of Greater Israel. This, in addition to the complex problems that it has caused to the Zionist regime, provides the ground for the return of the Jews to the strong bases that the Jewish minorities have formed in different countries of the world. And it always exposes Israel to the world as a usurper regime that does not belong to the Palestinian land.

3- Confinement of several million Jews in a geographically limited area was impossible and in the medium term it caused an internal explosion and Reverse migration of Jews will bring about the destruction of the Zionist regime.

4- Despite having the mass communication media of the world, the Zionists could not hide their ugly face behind the propaganda, so that the anti-Zionism atmosphere is increasing even among the American people and independent European politicians who think about the national interests of their countries. All-round US and Europe will face Israel with a crisis and will have direct effects on the process of Israel’s collapse.

4- The vast plans of the world domination system to pay attention of all nations to the materiality and the manifestations of material life by preventing the tendency of the nations to spirituality, especially preventing the development and deepening of Islam among the Palestinian nation, failed and The trend towards Islam And spirituality increases every day more than in the past, and this has been in the sense of defeating the policies of the Zionist regime and strengthening the process of its collapse. The main goal of Zionism has been to weaken religions, including Christianity and especially Islam, this was implemented through the spread and promotion of worldliness to destroy spirituality, but the result was the opposite because spirituality in the Islamic world and the Christian world is constantly increasing and The secularism among the Jews is increasing every day to the extent that the return of wealthy Israeli Jews to Europe and America has become accepted and has taken on wider dimensions.

Inauguration of “Palestine TV Network”

5 ـ Palestinian intifada On the one hand, the wide support of the people of the world, both Muslims and non-Muslims, on the other hand, shows the awareness and awareness of the public opinion of the world towards the inhumane nature of the Zionist regime and the righteousness of the Palestinian nation, while America and Zionism rule over the propaganda media. The world is clear, the continuation of the intifada and the continuation of popular struggles has facilitated the process of Israel’s collapse.

6- The movement of Zionism and the Israeli regime is such that during the past few decades, movements were created among the world’s Jews who tried their best to prove their distance from Israel and to declare their disgust with Zionism. The trend is the separation of Jewish minorities around the world from the territory of Zionism, in other words, the Zionist movement, which was the spokesperson of all Jews in the early 20th century, gradually lost its base, and many Jews around the world expressed their hatred and disgust for Zionism in various ways. they did

7- Israel with The decline of the Jewish population Both due to the decrease in reproduction and negative population growth, and due to the immigration of Jews from Israel to Europe, this trend has been reversed among the Palestinians, the population growth among the Palestinians living in the occupied territories has had a high percentage, the Palestinian refugees have been living in different countries for many years. They are fully prepared to return to their homeland, for example, the average growth of the Jewish population – despite repeated encouragements to immigrate to the occupied territories – has been 2 percent.

8- Wide and very wide waves of popular demonstrations in the Islamic world and Declaring the universal hatred and disgust of the nations for the Zionist regime And America, in fact, seriously distorted the process of normalizing relations with the Zionist regime and has made this regime still trying to assert itself in the Middle East region and the Islamic world.

9- The issue of Palestine and Israel’s usurping rule over this country is not an issue related to Palestine or the Arab world or even related to the Islamic world. The issue of Palestine is a global issue And it belongs to all humanity and human societies. The recognition of Israel and the destruction of the Palestinian nation means the rule of the law of the jungle over human societies and the acceptance of force and power as the criterion of righteousness and the formalization of the oppression of the oppressor. Accepting such a thing is in conflict with human nature and rationality, human societies. They will not accept this.

10- Tyranny has never been stable in this world and it is not, and the Zionist regime is a clear manifestation of oppression and tyranny, based on the principle of “Al-Mulk will remain with disbelief and will remain with injustice.” The destruction of the Zionist regime is certain Although the time of its occurrence may be sooner or later.

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