What was the strange anti-revolution gaffe about a space replica/the story of the space biological capsule mockup? – rahnam

According to the space and astronomy correspondent of rahnam news agency, rahnam news agency has published a report about Iran’s biological capsule that is going to be launched into space.

In this context, the anti-revolutionary and anti-revolutionary media have made a strange mistake(!) and by publishing the replica images of this spaceship in their media, they claimed that this spaceship does not have enough security!

This replica was designed in the 11th government for exhibition work outside the Ministry of Communications and is actually a metal structure so that exhibition audiences have a mental model of a manned spacecraft.

This metal structure has nothing to do with the original version and the image of the original version is also confidential, after the launch of Iran’s biological capsule, its images will be released to the public and people will see that this original model is similar to its replica that was built in 2013 The exhibition of space achievements unveiled is very different.

The movie Zero percent of Iranian space explorers with the mission of sending biological capsules into space

Iran Space Organization, biological capsule,

Perhaps the first reason for this issue is that the 13th government has announced that it is going to resume the issue of space biology after a decade of suspension during the Rouhani government and launch the first biological capsule into space in the near future.

But this issue can also have another reason and that is “self-deprecation” that some people are inherently suffering from this situation and use the smallest opportunity to question Iran’s achievements and capabilities in various scientific fields, including air and space.

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