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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, on the longest night of the year, every year, the television shows a show of family gatherings, Yalda night customs, etc. in its frames. Of course, many networks are still preparing and leave inquiries about the name and shape of their program unanswered.

But the Nasim network has announced what will happen on Yalda night before the rest of the networks. Of course, the Nasim network considered a special period last year. This year, Nasim Shabi network is going to prepare a special night. On Yalda night, like last year, there is going to be a storm on the air of this network.

Specially, the program “Bego Bekhand”, which will have its opening on Yalda night with changes, as well as “Khosh Namak”, which will be aired with a new form on the longest night of the year.

Of course, he has not specified his plans and schedule yet.

In the meantime, iFilm network is going to hold a special program with three presenters; The name of this program is “Tranj and Pomegranate”. It is a fun, happy and attractive program centered on the Persian language and literature and the ancient customs of Iran, which is aired by an Iranian presenter, an Afghan presenter and a Tajik presenter.

Some of the items of this program, such as reading the Shahnameh, a report on the birthplace of Rudaki, the father of Persian poetry, etc., are produced in Tajikistan.

The last night of autumn is celebrated on iFilm network with the presence of Iranian, Afghan and Tajik singers and items such as Ro Hozei show, Black Game and Yalda night customs in the program “Tranj and Pomegranate”.

But last year, the network aired a special “bright night” with the presenters of this television network, which did not have a very successful experience. On Channel Two, Ali Mashhadi performed this performance alongside Hasan Ismailpour, and sincere conversations took place.

Channel 3 made “Khodmuni” special for its Yalda night. “Five Stars” and several other specials were aired on Sima channel 5, and Nasim channel unveiled “Khaneh Jalal” and welcomed the longest night of the year with “Shootball”. Specials were also planned in other channels, but most of the competition was between Nasim channel, Channel 3 and sometimes Channel 2, but the presence of Mehran Ghafurian and Abulfazl Pourarab kept the Yaldai TV oven warm.

It should be seen this year, according to the type of programming, will the Yalda’s show their charm to the audience or the number of guests they get? It means, in fact, like in previous years, he was a guest on several TV channels!

We have to wait and watch the Yalda TV conductor this year. These days, more than ever, television needs an entertaining program, and it seems that on the longest night of the year, the audience is waiting for a special entertainment and humorous events.

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