The denial of the claim of Ma’and media/ dealing with nationals in Mehmanshahr Meibod is not true – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Yazd, in the past few days, pictures were published in cyberspace, and because of them, some people claimed that some people tried to set fire to Afaghaneh’s houses in Meibod city.

With the publication of these images, Ali Akbar Azizi, Deputy Political, Security and Social Affairs of Yazd Governorate, denied that Afaghaneh’s houses were set on fire in this city and stated: The pictures published in the cyber space are related to the fire in a garbage dump and have no connection with Afaghaneh’s houses in Mehmanshahr. it doesn’t have

According to rahnam, after a fight broke out in Meybod city and a Meybod youth was killed, some social networks and especially Ma’and media tried to spread rumors and news using these images. By denying these rumors and announcing the location of the fire by the political deputy of the governor of Yazd, the scandal of the anti-regime media was exposed once again.

Also, due to the sensitivity created, the police arrested the murderer and his accomplices in less than 15 hours after the murder, and the head of justice of Yazd province announced that he has appointed a special investigator to handle this case quickly and accurately.

Considering the history of spreading rumors and surfing the waves of the Ma’and media in various cases during the past years, all citizens are advised to follow the news only from the official media and reliable social networks.

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