The agreement between the Ministry of Interior and the Guardian Council for electronic elections in areas with more than 2 representative seats – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Birjand, citing the public relations of South Khorasan Governorate, Seyyed Mohammad Taqi Shahcheraghi, the political deputy of the Ministry of Interior and the head of the country’s election headquarters, said to the journalists of this province: South Khorasan relies on the unique capacities of the people, as well as the commitment and The faith of these people has always excelled in various social and political fields in the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

He stated that South Khorasan province has always been one of the privileged provinces with the highest participation rate in the elections, and said: “Serving the people is the duty of managers and good construction projects and measures are being implemented in South Khorasan province that this trust and The faith of the people makes the duty of officials heavier in serving all the precious people of this province.

The head of the country’s election headquarters stated that based on the reports received and presented by the managers, this province is ready to hold passionate elections, and added: to realize the election health strategy at this stage of the elections, electoral justice and health are considered by the election observers and administrators.

He said: “In order to hold elections with maximum participation and maintain health and safety, various institutions are working, and various government bodies, especially the Ministry of Communications and Broadcasting, are planning and carrying out good measures, which deserve praise.”

The country’s political deputy for elections continued: The financial transparency system has been unveiled in line with electoral justice, and all candidates must have an account number, which is announced and according to the election law, candidates’ advertising expenses are monitored in this system by supervisors and executives.

Referring to the strategy proposed by the Supreme Leader in the field of electoral participation, Shahcheraghi stated: “Thank God, the conditions are ready for people to play a role, and all people’s groups, parties, different strata and elites must work to achieve the maximum participation emphasized by the leadership.” And this presence can definitely help the growth, development and authority of the country and the holy system of the Islamic Republic.

The head of the country’s election headquarters said: Due to the climate and geography of the country, there are problems in the provision of internet and communication infrastructures in the statistical areas and it has been agreed with the Ministry of Communications and communication infrastructures are being provided.

Shahcheraghi continued: Some parts of the country need to strengthen and develop communication, whose issues have been identified and counted, and the provision of credits and executive measures are underway. The supply of optical fiber required for election branches and polling centers has started and it is expected that all the conditions for holding a good election will be provided by the middle of February.

The head of the country’s election headquarters said: “For electronic elections in accordance with the law in all constituencies above two representative seats, an agreement and a table have been submitted to the Guardian Council and within the next 15 days, the final result will be announced to the provinces.”

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