Qalibaf suggested: 2.8 percent economic growth forecast from the productivity increase in the 7th development plan – rahnam

According to the parliamentary reporter of rahnam news agency, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, Speaker of the Islamic Council, in a live television program explaining the approvals of the parliament during the review of the bill of the 7th development program, said during his speech: The output of the 7th program is the result of the efforts of the parliament and the government, and I witnessed that from the beginning The formation of the government and perhaps before the formation of the 13th government board, the seventh plan was being pursued and there were many back and forths between the government and the parliament until finally we reached this current plan.

He added: If we look at the future horizon, the first issue that should be considered is the government, which has the main burden of implementing the program on its shoulders. Of course, when the government is said, it does not necessarily mean the government board. In fact, we say that all the executive bodies and public non-governmental institutions and companies under the government and every capacity that exists in the country, the 7th plan has assigned tasks for all of them. Of course, the structure of the government plays a fundamental role in the implementation of the program, so the spirit of transformation in the government and its will are very important and key.

Speaker of the Parliament said: “We paid great attention to the budget and discipline in the review of the 7th plan bill, and our emphasis was to not have an operational balance deficit or to minimize it.” The productivity issue accounts for 2.8% of our 8% growth target. This means that this amount of our growth should come from the place of increasing productivity. The method of providing resources and preventing the corporatization of various government departments has also been one of the other issues that have been considered by the parliament in the review of the 7th Development Plan bill.

Ghalibaf stated that the relationship between the government and oil was another area of ​​interest in the 7th plan, and noted: We must create more added value from oil day by day. Unfortunately, during the past years, about 150 billion dollars that were injected into the National Development Fund according to the law, about 100 billion dollars have returned to the government. Well, in the 7th plan, we made a serious and fundamental decision to correct this process.

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