New York Times: Hamas has targeted Israel’s nuclear missile base – rahnam

According to the rahnam International News Group, the New York Times newspaper reported, citing a virtual analysis, that a rocket, most likely fired by Hamas forces in the October 7 attack, targeted an Israeli military base, which according to experts, many Tel Aviv’s nuclear missiles have been stationed there.

Hans Christensen, director of the Nuclear Intelligence Project at the Federation of American Scientists, told The New York Times that there are likely 25 to 50 Jericho nuclear-capable missile launchers at the base. According to experts and declassified US government documents, Israel’s Jericho missiles are equipped to carry nuclear warheads.

Mr. Christensen, who has studied the base, said the warheads were likely stored in a separate location away from the base and therefore were not threatened during the attack.

According to this American newspaper, this attack, which was not reported before, took place in the “Sedut Mikha” area and is the first announced case of an attack by Palestinian forces on a site that is suspected of having Israeli nuclear weapons.

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