Minister of Economy in response to rahnam: liquidation of Noor Institute will not cause any damage to the government, people and national bank – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam News Agency, Ehsan Khandozi, in response to the question of rahnam reporter about the transfer of Noor Institute to National Bank and subsequently transferring the discrepancies of this institution to a state bank, said: Considering that for the first time, a very detailed work between the Central Bank and the National Bank has been concluded and the Minister of Economy and the Governor General of the Central Bank have both signed this agreement, no loss has been caused to the National Bank, the government and the national capital.

He emphasized: Exactly corresponding to the number that will be supported by Bank Melli from Noor Institute’s deposits, liquid assets and not stagnant, frozen and unhealthy assets have been transferred to the account of National Bank of Iran.

The Minister of Economy added: National Bank can provide all its support to Noor Institute by liquidating these assets in the coming months. The Central Bank is obliged to consider a special credit line to support the National Bank.

Khandozi said: These actions are so that no loss or damage, I emphasize that no loss or loss will be incurred by the National Bank, that is why the support of this bank will be provided through the credit line and healthy assets.

He added: We confidently announce that this is the first experience that the entire process of liquidation of Noor Institute and transfer of deposits to a state bank will be done without transferring real losses to the people.

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