Iranian Foreign Ministry: Iran will not leave any action against its advisory forces without a response – rahnam

rahnam International News Agency reported that Kanaani, in his weekly press conference, strongly condemned the continuation of crimes in Gaza and the West Bank. He said, “It is painful that the Zionist entity’s brutal crimes continue with incredible intensity against Palestinian citizens.” This morning, news was published about the entity targeting another hospital in Gaza.

Furthermore, these acts are listed as war crimes and crimes against humanity, and the international community bears a serious responsibility to defend the Zionist entity.

He continued, “We express our sympathy with the oppressed Palestinian people.” We share the pain and grief of families who have lost loved ones. We ask God for a speedy recovery for the wounded.

Regarding America’s participation in the crimes of the Zionist entity and Iran’s measures and follow-ups in this regard, he said: It is very clear that the Al-Aqsa Flood operation, as a legitimate act against the occupiers, showed that the entity has false hegemony and destabilizing security and political foundations, despite all the allegations. After his failure, he began taking revenge on civilians.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman pointed to the martyrdom of more than 16,000 Palestinians, and said: The American government has stood by the entity in all these killing operations. The new round of military attacks launched by the Zionist entity against Gaza began when the US Secretary of State was present at the Zionist government meeting.

He added: The American government practically stands by the occupying entity. There were reports from the United States stating that America provided weapons to the entity. It’s unfortunate. The US Secretary of Defense indicated that American support for the security of the Israeli entity is non-negotiable and we have accelerated aid. It is clearly announced that the security of the usurping entity is a basic principle of the American government and that it has expedited the provision of aid.

He pointed to the official American recognition that the basis of the war is on Palestine, and said: This issue preoccupies public opinion and the peoples. The next point is that these statements are not in line with America’s messages that we are not looking to expand the scope of the war. This is a complete lie. The arms dealer and the US Secretary of State cannot be in the war room and claim that we are trying to save the lives of citizens.

The spokesman described this as a clear lie and added: Iran considers supporting the oppressed and the occupied people in Palestine a humanitarian principle and an important priority. This should be the concern of all peoples, including the United Nations.

The Security Council is America’s hostage in the Gaza issue

Kanani said: Unfortunately, the Security Council has become a hostage of the American government in the Gaza issue and has shown that it is unable to carry out its duties to save the lives of the Palestinian people and maintain peace, and that the American government is taking advantage of hosting the United Nations headquarters.

He added that Iran has made all its efforts, and said: The Iranian talks will continue and will not hesitate to establish any mechanism. This is the responsibility of the international community, and if the crime goes unpunished, it constitutes a threat to humanity.


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