Determining the task of 8 thousand containers carrying abandoned goods / selling 4 thousand 100 billion of proprietary goods – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Bandar Abbas, Mojtabi Garhamani stated: Following the deadline set by the judicial system for determining the assignment of 235 rows of abandoned imported goods and 149 foreign cars in Bandar Lange, the process of assigning the assignment of these shipments has begun.

He added: Some of these goods have been kept in very bad conditions for more than 9 years, and fortunately, after issuing a judicial order to determine their immediate assignment, while transferring them to the property warehouses, further damage to a significant amount of public and private property was prevented.

The Chief Justice of Hormozgan said: In line with the implementation of the orders of the Judiciary regarding the need to organize warehouses of property, with continuous and timely follow-up by the judiciary of Hormozgan province and holding numerous meetings regarding the assignment of abandoned and smuggled goods in the last two years, more than 3800 Abandoned declarations have been assigned to about 8,000 containers.

He added: This amount of assignment of abandoned goods is 40% more than the total number of assigned cases in the period of 1390 to 1400, and it is considered a unique record.

Ghahrani also informed about the assignment of more than 7 thousand cases of smuggling in the past two years and said: due to the assignment of a significant part of the cases of the previous years at the same time as the new cases, the performance statistics of property acquisitions in Hormozgan province are about 1000 more than the number of cases filed. has been

He pointed out that this issue has caused Hormozgan province to be ranked the highest in the country in terms of assigning assignments and closings, with a large margin compared to other provinces, according to the report announced by the Property Organization and according to the performance indicators in the fields of movable and immovable property. to handle the files related to abandoned goods.

Referring to the sale of more than 4 thousand 100 billion Tomans of abandoned property belonging to Hormozgan, the head of justice said: This statistic has grown more than 17 times compared to the same period.

He said: In this period of time, the identification and departure of containerized goods before 1401 from Shahid Rajaei Customs and the beginning of systematic reconciliation between the responsible organizations have also been done.

The Chief of Justice of Hormozgan also announced the launch of the first and second specialized container terminals for abandoned goods in the country and emphasized: The purpose of building and operating these terminals is to strengthen the infrastructure of the General Property Administration of Hormozgan Province and speed up the assignment of the goods in its warehouses. .

Garhami added: After the heads of the judiciary and the executive branch entered into the issue of determining the assignment of acquired property in the past two years, the institutions that were involved in organizing these goods have a very close cooperation, and as a result of this constructive interaction, there have been many successes regarding achieved.

He further thanked and appreciated the efforts of the governor of Hormozgan and related executive departments and agencies due to their sensitivity in preventing damage to public property and determining the assignment of abandoned imported goods stored in the ports and customs of the province.

In the end, the Chief Justice of Hormozgan commended the jihadist measures and efforts and perseverance of the officials and employees of the Property Organization to organize the warehouses of Hormozgan province and to hold continuous and regular auctions to continue this process until 100% of the existing goods are organized and to achieve all the expected goals. Emphasized.

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