Denying the claim of fuel oil burning in Tehran’s power plants/ We do not produce electricity using fuel oil in Tehran – rahnam

According to the economic correspondent of rahnam News Agency, in recent days when the intensity of air pollution in the metropolises, especially in Tehran, has reached its peak, some people have mentioned fuel oil burning in power plants as the main cause of the increase in air pollution. Power plants have been built.

Sanaz Jafarzadeh, Director General of the Production Planning and Operation Office of the Thermal Power Company in this regard, in an interview with the rahnam news agency’s economic reporter, stated: This year, until today, none of the power plants in Tehran province and Alborz province have consumed fuel oil in any way, and if someone claims The pollution these days in Tehran is due to fuel burning in power plants, please provide your documentation.

He added: Basically, gas power plants such as Ray power plant are not technically possible to use diesel fuel, and Tehran’s thermal power plants have not received diesel fuel for nearly 10 years.

Jafarzadeh pointed out that fuel consumption statistics of power plants, especially power plants located near metropolitan cities, are under continuous monitoring by regulatory bodies, and that Tehran power plants do not consume fuel oil is a matter that is approved by all regulatory bodies and claims about the consumption of fuel oil in Tehran power plants. , is completely incorrect.

In addition, Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, the spokesman of the electricity industry, regarding some claims that fuel oil consumption by power plants plays a role in the pollution of Tehran’s air these days, said: fuel oil tanks in Tehran power plants have been sealed for years, and currently no power plant in Tehran uses fuel oil. slow

He added: Less than 10% of power plants in the country can use diesel fuel, and power plants in densely populated centers use gas or diesel fuel.

The spokesperson of the electricity industry noted: Considering that 90% of the country’s electricity production is provided by thermal power plants, the winter fuel storage of these power plants has already been predicted, and there will be no problem in electricity supply by saving electricity and gas to customers.

He continued: Out of the 140 large power plants in the country, only 16 heating power plants can use fuel oil, and there are only 16 heating power plants in the whole country, and the rest of the power plants are gas and combined cycle, which cannot use fuel oil.

Rajabi Mashhadi clarified: In Tehran, there is only Ba’ath power plant, the Bukhari power plant, whose fuel oil consumption section has been sealed since 1991, and in general, fuel oil is not used in any power plant in Tehran to supply electricity.

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