Cancellation of technical inspection of 400 cars in 2 days/even and odd plan is in place until the end of the week – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, Colonel Ali Asghar Sharifi; The head of the Tehran Traffic Police Information Center stated in a TV program: In these two days, when the even and odd scheme was implemented due to air pollution, 400 cars that were emitting smoke and had a technical inspection were canceled on the spot. Is.

He added: On odd days, cars with only odd number plates and on even days only cars with even number plates can travel within the scope of the air pollution plan.

The head of the Tehran Traffic Police Information Center said: Also, most of Tehran’s roads are prohibited for diesel vehicles, except for trucks. Last night we did not have any traffic regarding trucks, dumpers and cranes and this ban exists.

Sharifi pointed out: My colleagues are present on the entire road surface of Tehran city, and they intelligently deal with cars whose technical inspection date has passed and those that have a technical inspection but their car is emitting smoke, canceling their technical inspection at the same place and re-obtaining them. They are sent to technical examination centers.

He said: The scope of the air pollution reduction plan is the same as the previous plan, from south to north, from Baath highway to the north, Nawab highway to the east, Chamran highway to the east, Hemat highway to the south, and Imam Ali highway. A) It is towards the west, and the traffic on these roads is based on the last number of the license plate.

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