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According to the rahnam news agency from Shahroud, until a few decades ago, the title “chronic mental illness” was included in the identification card of autistic children, and this title perhaps bothered many families; Autism is an incurable disease that was unknown to many until the operation a few decades ago.

Autism is the story of the sad story of earthly angels, which was so unknown until a few decades ago that autistic children were defined as hyperactivity, obsession, restlessness or introversion, but now April 2nd of every year is “World Autism Awareness Day” and Coloring a tower in every country is also done on the occasion of this day to attract more public opinion.

Of course, this symbolic action in our country has not had much results so far and autism is still unknown in the country. In fact, autistics and their families still face many problems, while the disease is one of the serious disabilities that require special services.


Autism and the world we don’t know!

Mobina Sohrabi, director of Shahrood Autism House, in an interview with rahnam reporter in Shahrood, said: Currently, the only specialized autism training center called Shahrood Autism House is active in Shahrood city, and 22 children have this disorder and need services in the field of speech therapy, occupational therapy. And they receive counseling in this center.

The director of the Shahroud Autism Home stated: According to the surveys conducted in 2023 regarding the prevalence of this disorder, one out of every 59 children was an autistic child, and in Iran this statistic is very close and almost indicative of the reality of this group.

He added: This disease appears before the age of 3 and the child suffers from problems such as reaction to colors, situations, sounds, environmental changes, isolation and inability to communicate with others. is attention

Autism and thousandsthe pain

Sohrabi considered the high costs and expenses of treating this disorder as one of the most important concerns of the families of these children and added: the staggering costs of psychological services, occupational therapy, speech therapy, music therapy, education, etc. often deter them from continuing the long path of rehabilitation in the golden age of the child. and this makes them abandon the treatment half and half and isolate them and their children.

The director of the Shahrood Autism House noted: Ignoring the costs of rehabilitation, occupational therapy, etc., a child with autism must learn how to behave outside the home, he must attend parks, buses, taxis, shops, etc. .. because they may suddenly scream and make strange noises when placed in different spaces such as shops or taxis when there is not enough information.

Sohrabi said: The society’s ignorance is like salt on the wounds of the society suffering from autism. Therefore, people’s information should be increased at least through culture building so that these children can be more easily present in the society.

He also mentioned the medical and welfare problems of these children, such as dentistry, among the other major problems of their parents and added: With the follow-ups of Shahrood University of Medical Sciences, Bahar Hospital is the only center in the city that supports autistic children in this regard and provides services. It offers tooth extraction and restoration, but there is still no possibility for tooth extraction for children with this disorder, so we hope that a solution will be found for this problem as well.

Sohrabi expressed regarding the welfare facilities of autistic children: the lack of suitable parks and recreational places for these children is strongly felt, because creating a place for sports such as skating, swimming, etc. for children whose level is mild will help them improve a lot. he does.

Autism is a sad prosecution for affected children and their families

The director of Shahroud Autism House called the disease a complex neurological disorder that causes disruption in social interactions and language and communication skills.

He clarified: This developmental disability is usually detectable in the first three years of life and if this complication is detected by the child’s parents and teachers during this golden period, if treated and taken care of, the child can be sent to school to study with other children. But if this diagnosis is made late, the child needs a special teacher.

Autism and the need to accept differences

Sohrabi continued: This disorder was included in the group of special diseases since 2017 and is classified into different degrees of weak, moderate and severe spectrum.

The director of Shahroud Autism House said: The speed of growth of this apparently unknown disease should be an alarm for societies, because autism is rapidly increasing among newborn children who are unable to understand, see, hear and communicate, and this problem The end of life will be a problem for the families of these patients.

He added: Seeing children with autism awakens a wave of compassion towards them, but until now we have thought to ourselves what problems a family with such a child has to deal with and what endless suffering they have to endure.

At the end, Sohrabi emphasized the importance of awareness and providing a suitable platform for training and rehabilitation of this spectrum, stating: This is possible with the cooperation of public and government institutions.

In any case, compassion and a sense of altruism is an issue for people with autism, and creating and facilitating a normal and worry-free life for this group of society is a more important and significant issue, and on this basis, the role of officials is necessary to provide these conditions.

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