Ajei: The judiciary and the parliament should help the government to resolve the banks’ disharmony and reduce the value of the national currency – rahnam

According to the social group of rahnam news agency, at the same time as the parliament week, a joint meeting of the parliament and the judiciary was held this morning (Monday, December 13) with the presence of members of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary and representatives of the Islamic Council at the House of the Nation.

Hojjatul Islam Mohseni Ajei; Speaking at this joint meeting, the head of the Judiciary stated: All of us officials should be in the spirit of mobilizing, pursue solving the country’s issues and problems, and in the way of serving the people, we should not be disappointed in any way.

Referring to some problems and dissatisfactions in the production and consumption of electricity, gas, fuel and water in the country, the head of the judiciary said: All of us officials must join hands to minimize existing inefficiencies and problems.

Ajeei added: Today there are fundamental issues in the field of social justice in the country, and time is passing quickly, and we must use our utmost efforts to make up for the delays of the past.

The enemy is hoping for some problems inside the country

The head of the Judiciary stated that “today, the enemy is counting on some weaknesses and problems in the country”, and said: “We officials should act in such a way that we compensate the deficits in the country quickly and not in the long term, and in this way, the permission and We don’t have time to dwell on the sidelines.

With regard to the category of the slogan of the year, controlling inflation and production growth, Ajei said: The Supreme Leader, with an expert and wise view, named the current year with the title of inflation control and production growth; Now, about 9 months of the year have passed, so it should be checked to what extent different departments and institutions have been successful in realizing the slogan of the year; As the head of the judiciary, I first look at my actions and come to the conclusion that I have not been able to take advantage of all the available capacities to remove production obstacles and achieve production growth.

Regarding some economic issues and problems that plague the country, the head of the judiciary said: the country is facing some economic issues and problems that cannot be solved by one power alone and requires the interaction and convergence of all powers; The devaluation of the national currency, the dissatisfaction of banks and issues of this kind have put some people in distress. Based on this, all forces and institutions should prioritize solving economic and livelihood issues and problems of the people by interacting and cooperating with each other. We must note that the enemy has closed his eyes to such livelihood issues; However, our people are pious and patient and persistent in defending values.

We have to find ways to solve livelihood problems

The head of the judicial system emphasized: We must join hands with all relevant forces and institutions and adopt shortcut methods and ways to solve people’s economic and livelihood problems. It is necessary to implement the necessary measures and measures in accordance with the cruel sanctions imposed by the enemy as well as the existing conditions; In this regard, we must find and highlight that category in the laws, notes and legal articles that untangles the work of the people, not that it binds the work of the people.

Ajei said: As the head of the judiciary, I am determined to fully implement my legal duties and that of my subordinate organization; I consider the notification that I received from the Supreme Leader to be a conditional notification and I am committed to implementing all the provisions and clauses of this notification; I consider myself obliged to implement all the laws that you representatives in the parliament have approved and the Guardian Council has put a seal of approval on. Accordingly, I have to announce that some of the categories have been left on the ground, so I ask you, the people’s representatives in the parliament, to help us in the implementation of the assigned duties, according to the constitution and relevant laws and general policies.

The Head of the Judiciary, referring to the judicial system’s attention to issues such as the realization of social justice, the fight against corruption without discrimination, and the fight against bigots, said: Our attention in the judicial system is that when a violation and a crime occurs in a government system, before and more than To deal with the negligence and fault of the client or the master of that government body, to pay attention to the investigation and investigation of the violation and crime of that government body, and if the violation and crime are found, to punish that body more; Now that government body wants to be the judiciary itself or a ministry or a bank or a public institution.

A law should be passed to defend public rights

Referring to the actions of the judiciary in the direction of restoring public rights, the head of the judiciary said: I ask you parliamentarians to help the judicial system more than ever in the direction of the restoration of public rights in terms of legislation and funding. Public law is a broad category; Isn’t this air pollution that we are facing today an example of public rights? In this case, can the judiciary alone take comprehensive measures to protect the rights of the members of the society? In the category of providing mental security of the society, which is another example of public rights, we also need your help and assistance from the members of parliament.

Ajei reminded the end of the implementation period of the judicial transformation document this year and the strict orders issued by his district to update and upgrade this document and said: We need the help of you parliamentarians to update and upgrade the judicial transformation document.

The entire effort of the judiciary is to witness a healthy, lively and participatory election

Referring to the upcoming elections this year, the Head of the Judiciary said: All our efforts and those involved in the upcoming elections are to have a healthy, lively and disappointing election that pleases the pious and revolutionary people with high participation. The realization of this requires a series of requirements and dos and don’ts; Although it is too late now, but in this little time, we can calculate and adopt the requirements for holding healthy and participatory elections with synergy between forces.

About the issue of virtual space and elections and the statements of some representatives in this regard, Ejei said: The category of virtual space is a cultural, political and social debate; It is true that the supreme council of cyber space is established and the heads of powers are present in this council along with real and legal members, but has what should be done in line with cyber space in this council in order to correct some weak points, been done?

There is no need to destroy others to introduce ourselves

He added: Some violations and crimes in the field of elections and election campaigns are emerging in cyberspace, therefore, we must take the necessary measures in order to prevent the occurrence of such violations and crimes. Without a doubt, it is a positive and desirable thing for an election candidate to advertise himself and explain his plans, but advertising is definitely different from vandalism, and we, in this area, use our legal powers to deal with vandalism in the cyber space, where necessary. We take advantage, but nevertheless, we and you must also be careful not to fall into the trap of atmosphere creation and immorality that causes the enemy to exploit; It should be noted that the bad effects of some immorality remain in the society until the days after the elections.

In the end, the head of the judicial system emphasized: The headquarter for preventing and dealing with electoral violations and crimes under the headship of the country’s attorney general holds its meetings and follows up the issues related to its responsibilities in a detailed manner.

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