A damage to Iranian literature by suspending the Shahid Ghanipour Award/ Writers’ Council should reconsider their decision – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency – Arash Shafa’i

Last Tuesday, the Secretariat of the Shahid Habib Ghanipour Literary Award published a statement that was a surprise for many literature lovers.

In this statement, announcing the names of the winners of the 22nd edition of this literary award, it was stated: “This council, by analyzing the challenges and priorities of contemporary Iranian fiction and paying attention to the existing conditions and the emergence of new needs of the audience, decided at the same time as awarding the awards to the winners of the 22nd edition. announces the end of this award and from now on, he will devote his energy to other fields, including the training of the new generation of story writers and the transfer of experience to new writers.

For those who are not familiar with the name and influence of the Martyr Habib Ghanipour Literary Award, we must say that this award, in the true sense of the word, was a people’s award that was born from the hearts of a group of people who love literature, are committed and a mosque in the Javadalaima Mosque (AS) in the southwest of Tehran. Of course, everyone owes its creation and implementation to the memory of Amir Hossein, who was a charismatic figure with the power to organize and create coherent organizations. After Fardi, Mohammad Naseri, a storyteller and a member of the Council of Writers of Javad Al-Aima Mosque (AS), continued this responsibility until finally he and his friends came to the conclusion that the activity of this Shahid Ghanipour Literary Award is no longer possible in its current form.

A vague and unclear decision

In the statement of the Council of Writers of this mosque, there was not much information about the decision to close the Shahid Ghanipour Award and it was enough to say that the reason for the closure of the award was not material. It seems that there are other messages behind this sentence that we should wait and see with the passage of time if the decision to close this award was really for what reason. The subsequent explanations of the festival secretary to recount the reasons for this decision did not help to clarify the reasons, but added to the ambiguities.

In this context, Mohammad Naseri told Shabestan news agency: The people who organized this award have now come to the conclusion that in a period of need, they were busy writing stories and publishing stories and holding the book of the year award to identify and introduce great writers. and today there is a need to focus their activities on training young writers and gifted storytellers and transferring experience to new writers, in the sense that the Council of Writers of Javadalaima Mosque (AS) will continue its literary life in a different format from now on. Martyr Ghanipour once worked in the bastion of the mosque in the field of culture, art and literature and shone brightly, and once he went to the fronts of right against wrong to defend the country and drank the sweet nectar of martyrdom. Let’s keep the memory of this martyr alive in the book of the year, and now the decision of the Council of Writers of Javad Al-Aima Mosque (A.S.) is to make the light that was lit by the name and memory of a mosque martyr shine brightly in another way.

The members of the Council of Writers of the Javadalaima Mosque (AS) are all story writers, have experience in writing and criticism, and do not need to close down a long-standing literary award in order to transfer their experience to the younger generation. Even today, they are teaching stories in different places, classes, and workshops, and it seems that there was no need to close the award in order to train a new generation of mosque storytellers. Therefore, it is better to be clear if the pressure was with an external decision to close the award.

Do not deprive Iranian literature of this award

With the closure of the literary award of Shahid Ghanipour, a void is created in our literature and I wish it would be possible for the decision-makers in the Council of Writers of the Javadalaima Mosque (AS) to give up their decision considering the general interests of the country’s literature or close the award. Do not make it permanent. In our country, in the last three decades, many literary awards have been established with different purposes and functions, and unfortunately, the vast majority of them have not been able to continue their work for more than a few years. The youth of literary awards in Iran is a part of the youth of literature itself. Just as our poets and writers have a short literary life, most of the literary awards are closed before they have reached their maturity and prosperity.

One of the main reasons for these closures is the incoherence of the executive team of literary awards, and another reason is the interference of government institutions in the work of non-governmental literary awards and creating restrictions for them. It seemed that the literary award of Shahid Ghanipour could be removed from both harms. In addition to the existence of a professional team for whom stories and story writing were the first and main priority, the winners of this award, unlike the custom and expedient winners of some other literary awards, have dignity and prestige in the eyes of the audience, which unfortunately, Iranian literature is deprived of this opportunity. And he will be deprived of this prestigious and respected literary award.

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