4 tons of hashish were discovered in Chabahar port/ 6 people were arrested and a barge was seized – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Chabahar, Sardar Ahmad Ali Godarzi, while explaining the success of the border guards of Sistan and Baluchistan province in controlling the water borders of the Oman Sea, said: the border guards of the Chabahar naval base, with their nobility and mastery of information on territorial waters in the Oman Sea, from the activities of two big gangs They were informed about drug smuggling for moving heavy shipments of opiates within the exclusive waters of the country and its entry into the country.

He added that the border guards immediately observed the smugglers who were trying to cross the water borders into the country through operational measures, and captured them in the sea with military and naval techniques and armed conflict. they failed

Sardar Godarzi stated that 6 people were arrested and a barge was seized in this regard, and stated that with the vigilance of the border guards, 4 tons, 530 kilos, 600 grams of hashish drugs and 179,100 foreign drugs were discovered.

This senior police officer of the country’s border police considered the country’s borders unsafe for smugglers and disrupters of order and security and said: border guards will deal decisively and harshly with any large-scale drug smuggling gangs on the country’s borders.

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