The Zionist regime is helpless against Hamas/ a disgraceful defeat awaits Israel – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Natanz, Sardar Morteza Panhedi said on Saturday evening in the special program commemorating the 9th of December, the anniversary of the epic and sacrifice of Natanz city, that the martyrs of eight years of holy defense used to appeal to Ahl al-Bayt and Hazrat Zahra (pbuh) And we should consider ourselves indebted to him in any situation and ask him for help and assistance.

The deputy commander of Hazrat Sahib Al-Zaman (A.S.) Isfahan Corps expressed his appreciation for the sacrifices and bravery of the martyrs of the Holy Defense and said: We all should know the value and dignity of our dear martyrs, because our security, health, dignity and strength depend on the selflessness and sacrifice of these martyrs. Is.

Referring to the dedication of 160 martyrs of Natanz city to the regime and revolution, he added: 9th of December is permanent and eternal in the history of Natanz city, and on this day, 9 martyrs were buried at the hands of the revolutionary people of this city, and these martyrs are martyrs who fought for defense. They gave their lives for the sake of the world, the borders, the protection of the province and the honor, and they were martyred.

Panehdi further stated: More than 70 years have passed since the oppressed and defenseless Palestinian people resisted and stood up against the usurper Israel, and the people of this land are standing against the enemy, inspired by the culture of resistance.

He added: The Zionist regime, which considered itself to be the fourth most powerful army in the world, has become desperate and helpless against a militant group, namely Hamas, and with the help of God Almighty, Israel will definitely face a disgraceful defeat.

The deputy commander of Hazrat Sahib al-Zaman (A.S.) Isfahan said: Israel’s child-killing regime is committing genocide and bombarding hospitals in insane measures, which have killed more than 15 thousand oppressed and oppressed people of Gaza, most of whom are children and women. They have been martyred.

Stating that one of our main tasks is to transfer the culture of resistance and sacrifice to the youth, he said: One of the deterrent factors against the enemy is the presence of the revolutionary youth and Basij, today more than 70% of the country’s youth are trained Basij, which the enemy dares to attack. will not have Islamic Iran.

In the end, Panehdi pointed to the presence of people in various fields in the country and said: At the end of this year, we have two important and decisive elections for the Assembly of Leadership Experts and the Islamic Council, where the maximum participation of the people and high participation at the ballot boxes once again make the enemy disappointed and disappointed. will do.

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