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According to rahnam news agency, last night (Saturday) in the framework of the twelfth week of the Portuguese Premier League, Porto managed to achieve a 3-0 advantage at the home of Famalicao when Mehdi Taremi scored the second goal in the 45+4 minute into the host’s goal and after the whistle At the end of this game, he won the best player award for his good performance.

Tarami, who replaced Tony Martinez in the 90th minute, scored his fourth goal of the season in different competitions for Porto. This Iranian striker has scored 23 goals, 26 goals and 31 goals respectively in different competitions for Porto in the last three seasons, but this season he suffered a drop in terms of goals and for this reason some Portuguese media have criticized him.

31-year-old Taremi, who considers these criticisms unfair, showed a special reaction to these criticisms after the final whistle of the game, and at the awarding ceremony of the best player on the field, which is usually accompanied by an interview, he appeared for 11 seconds and gave his award with a short thank you. received and left the interview place and went to Porto’s dressing room.

Before this game, Porto coach Sergio Concessão defended Mehdi Tarimi against the criticism and said that Taremi should not be evaluated based on goals and assists alone, and that he is a player who implements what he wants on the field and a very good contribution. He has his team in defensive and offensive work.

Watch the video of Tarami’s special reaction to criticism below:


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