Lebanon’s Hezbollah missile attacks on 5 bases of the Zionist army – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, Lebanon’s Hezbollah issued separate statements and announced: Islamic resistance fighters, in order to support the resistant people of the Gaza Strip and support its brave and honorable resistance, the bases of “Zabdin”, “Al-Radar” and “Roisat Al-Alam” in They targeted Shebaa farms located on the border of Lebanon with suitable weapons.

According to this statement, Hezbollah fighters also targeted the “Beit Hillel” base in Al-Jalil with their missile attacks, as a result of which they inflicted definite losses on the enemy.

The spokesman of the occupying army of the Zionist regime announced: Following the missile attacks from Lebanon, a military vehicle was targeted by guided missiles in Beit Hillel, located in the Galilee, and a number of soldiers were injured.

News sources reported that after the end of the temporary ceasefire in Gaza, the Zionist regime resumed its attacks on Gaza. The Director General of the Palestinian Information Office in Gaza said in an interview with “Al Jazeera” news channel this Sunday: “There is no safe place in Gaza and The occupiers started killing everywhere in Gaza.

He added: More than 700 people have been martyred in Gaza in the last 24 hours.

On the other hand, the resistance groups in Iraq and Yemen warned the Israeli regime if it resumes attacks and war against Gaza, they will immediately resume their operations against the Zionists and their supporters.

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