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According to the rahnam news agency from Sanandaj, Hassan Abedini said on Saturday evening at the unveiling ceremony of the Sanjar Khan series that was held at the Bahman cinema in this city, stating that the introduction of prominent figures of the provinces in the national media is one of the priority programs, he said: Kurdistan province is one of the western provinces. It is a country where various religious minorities, including Shia and Sunni, have lived together in this region and have very rich faces, capacities and culture.

Recalling that this province has both a national, religious and revolutionary identity, and there are brilliant figures in all fields, he added: There are many cultural figures in the history of Kurdistan that should be introduced through the language of art.

Referring to the high position of Kurdistan province in history, civilization and culture, the vice president of provincial affairs of the Broadcasting Organization stated: Any place in Kurdistan can be a symbol of culture, there should be more artistic works to show the capacities of this land, and the production of the “Senjar Khan” series is also in This direction and display is a corner of the zeal of the people of this country.

He stated that the modern history of the provinces, especially Kurdistan, is being paid attention to in the national media with the production of serials and shows, he noted that the “Senjar Khan” series was launched during the Corona era and faced many problems, which with the special efforts and perseverance of the actors, finally arrived

The promise of making 3 serials from Kurdistan every year

Referring to consultation and interaction with the provincial authorities, Abedini said: two or three series are produced and aired on the national airwaves every year due to the artistic and theatrical capacities that exist in this geographical location, some in the pre-production stage and some in the final stage. is the production stage.

Mentioning that we currently have drama series in the national media from the three provinces of Kurdistan, Mazandaran and Gilan, he said: Currently, the production of several series is on the agenda and “Senjar Khan” is also undergoing final editing and will be on air in the next two weeks. will go

78% are willing to watch shows of provinces and villages

The deputy of the Broadcasting Organization announced: According to the surveys conducted, more than 78 percent of the people want to watch shows that are made in the provinces and villages of the country and are located outside the capital.

According to him, currently, the “Motherland” series is one of the popular series of the national media, despite the 10-year delay in its broadcast.

Stating that the “Senjar Khan” series is an opportunity to retell the works of the country’s Kurdish fighters, he said: “We have two other series in the writing and pre-production phase, one of which is “The Secret of Ardalan” and its pre-production is underway.

Abedini added: Another series is being made in the field of contemporary history, focusing on martyr Fatemeh Asadi, in the field of holy defense, and an agreement was made with the Kurdistan province a few months ago, in which the artists were also present. Some of these series will go into pre-production next year.

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