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According to the parliamentary reporter of rahnam news agency, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, Speaker of the Islamic Council, at the beginning of the public session of the legislative body today (Sunday, December 12), in his speech before his order, said: First of all, I offer my condolences to the martyrdom of Imam Fatima Zahra (PBUH) and from this intermediary. I ask for God’s grace to do a better job in solving people’s problems.

He stated that it is my duty to congratulate the owners of this day, the honorable people of Iran, and continued: The fact is that the Majlis is the house of the nation and the day of the Majlis is the people’s day. As the elected representatives of the people, we have a duty to be accountable for our performance in accordance with the job description given to us on this day. Based on this, I claim that despite all the weaknesses today, I can defend the performance of the 11th Parliament according to the description of the duties of the Parliament.

The speaker of the parliament added: Although the result of these measures is not tangible for the people due to the nature of the legislative task of the parliament, while it is very important. The 11th Parliament has become so expert and intelligently put the people’s issues in its legislative agenda that it was the honor of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution to put a different seal of approval on the overall results of his performance in the last year of the Parliament’s activity. Better make it heavier.

Ghalibaf added: We tried to change the 11th Parliament from a passive one to an active one so that instead of passively waiting for its agenda to be determined by events and its approaches to be determined by others, we would actively face the people’s problems and make the agenda of the parliament the people’s concerns. determine and determine the approaches to the solution from the collective wisdom with the help of caring experts and for this reason, the leaders of Qalab announced that one of the characteristics of this parliament is the knowledge of the people’s problems, and they stated that in the laws of the 11th parliament, consideration and There is no cover-up and it is clear and transparent.

The parliament’s law on nuclear negotiations strengthened the bargaining tools of the Iranian side

He clarified: The active and revolutionary parliament is a parliament that actively intervened in the issue of nuclear negotiations as the most important issue of the country’s foreign policy, instead of waiting for things to happen, and when it saw that the enemy was not going to fulfill many of its obligations with the club of congressional approvals, it enacted a law that According to Qalab leaders, it saved the country from wandering and ended the practice of making unilateral commitments on the part of Iran and filled the hands of the negotiating team in such a way that most of what was given in the Vienna negotiations as a bargaining tool by the Iranian side, the results of the implementation of this is the law

The 11th Parliament was not influenced by the interests and mafias of power and wealth in approving laws

The head of the legislative body of our country stated that the active and revolutionary parliament is a parliament that, instead of spending its time on various and scattered projects, with the help of caring experts, changes the country’s economic laws by determining a detailed road map, its agenda for mid-term reform. and the country’s economy in the long term, he added: In passing these laws, he was not influenced by the interests and mafias of power and wealth, and he passed the laws that should have been passed years ago so that the country’s economy would have their results today, with a decisive vote.

Qalibaf continued: The approval of the law to reform the structure of the central bank after 50 years, which endangers the interests of private banks as one of the engines of money creation and inflation, the law to facilitate the issuance of business licenses, which removed golden signatures from the licensing cycle. and opens the opportunity for job creation for young people, the law on speculation tax that makes brokering and speculation in the coin, currency and housing markets expensive, the law to support corruption whistleblowers, which by bringing ordinary and caring people into the field of fighting corruption, makes it unsafe for corrupt people big and small, the knowledge-based production jump law that replaces the endogenous and science-based development by supporting young people with an apparent development based on oil, the general approval of the conflict of interest plan, which, if finalized, will be based on experiences Other countries in the world create a legal infrastructure to deal with any conflict of interests of those in power and wealth, the data and information management law that compensates for the years of delay in aggregating information from different parts of the country’s administration to achieve a smart government, the two-stage approval of the budget which solves one of the main roots of the budget imbalance, so that the demands of the leaders of Qalab can be properly completed, these cases are examples that show that the 11th parliament is an active parliament that identifies the country’s problems and, based on the description of its legislative task, for It has established a clear law.

He said: In addition to legislation in the field of transformation in the legal infrastructure of the country’s economy, an active parliament is a parliament that is concerned with the current problems of the people such as cars, maintaining the purchasing power and livelihood of the people, the basic challenges of the people in housing, health and remaining deprivations in deprived areas. It should also act actively and expertly with quick and effective methods and not make unreasonable considerations and expediencies. The 11th Parliament has a clear track record in this field as an active and revolutionary parliament.

The 11th parliament was able to change the track of the incalculable and rent-seeking support from car manufacturers after many years

The head of the legislative branch added: Although it seemed impossible to change the course of reckless and rent-seeking support for car manufacturers, the active and revolutionary parliament was able to change this policy after many years and issue a license to import cars and used cars, which caused a sharp decrease from the very beginning. The prices increased by an average of 25%, which will make the car market completely competitive in case of car imports.

Qalibaf continued: “The active and revolutionary parliament is a parliament that, in order to maintain the purchasing power of the people, has not only approved anti-inflationary infrastructure laws such as reforming the budget structure, but also approved the electronic cash register instead of the corrupt and ineffective payment, which God willing, with the coordination of the government.” Completion and finalization in implementation can bring peace of livelihood to people.

The 11th Parliament increased the salaries of soldiers 12 times

He stated: The active and revolutionary parliament is a parliament that has actively acted on the old demands of the people and the leaders of Qalab regarding military service, and in addition to increasing the salaries of soldiers by 12 times, which has caused military service to become a job, albeit a temporary one. , with the coordination of the General Staff, some reforms have been made and others will be completed by finalizing the appropriate decrees in the five-year plan.

In the continuation of his speech, the speaker of the parliament added: the parliament is an active and revolutionary parliament that had approvals that, with the good implementation of the government, around 5 million people from the deprived deciles were insured for free treatment, and by providing for the treatment costs of incurable patients, the cost concerns for the families of these patients were reduced. has been found

Stating that the active and revolutionary parliament is a parliament that lifted the burdens of the earth despite many problems and oppositions and with the support of the government for different strata, Ghalibaf said: approving the teacher rating plan after 10 years, approving the proportionalization of the rights of the weak strata of retirees in an acceptable way The implementation and increase of social security retirees’ salaries, taking into account the budget to cover the government’s debt to the social security organization, is one of the most important of them.

The 11th Parliament has approved thousands of billions of employment creation budgets for deprived areas

He added: The active and revolutionary parliament has accurately identified the problems of deprived areas through field monitoring, and has provided the necessary budget for depriving by determining the exact points and using the capacity of jihadi forces, and has approved thousands of billions of employment creation budgets for deprived areas.

Stating that in addition to the economic field, the active and revolutionary parliament completed many laws in non-economic fields that had been pending for years, and in explaining these measures, he added: the law to support the family and the youth of the population, which was the demand of the leaders for many years, and It had been passively ignored, the law to improve the safety of women against abuse, which was also a serious need of the women of the country and the demand of leaders for at least 20 years, the law of parliament elections that should be amended in accordance with the announced policies of the elections, and the law to support the family by promoting the hijab culture. And Afaf, which few people were willing to accept its political and media burden, but the Revolutionary Assembly, with courage and rationality, put effective positive and negative ways before the country’s officials.

Qalibaf clarified: But the active and revolutionary parliament changed the capacities of the supervisory field, such as questioning and impeachment, from political tools to tools to help the government to solve people’s problems, and created new supervisory capacities for the parliament with new creativity, although we must realize that Finally, these supervisory capacities cannot be implemented due to legal and administrative limitations, and parliamentary supervision can be used in the best case to show the weaknesses to the executive officials to help the government to solve them.

He stated that all that was mentioned was a part of the efforts of the 11th parliament to turn the parliament into an active and revolutionary one in accordance with the description of the task of legislation and accompanying supervision. And we hope to be able to stay faithful to this promise until the last day.

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