Details of the programs of 5 organizations of Tehran University on Student’s Day/the presence of statesmen among students – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency’s university group, Mahdi Shahbazi, adviser to the university president and head of the cultural and social vice-chancellor of the University of Tehran, in a meeting with representatives of Islamic organizations of the University of Tehran, focusing on the programs of the organizations on the occasion of Azar 16 (Student’s Day), said: The Cultural Council of the University of Tehran on It was convened on Saturday, December 11, under the chairmanship of the president of the University of Tehran, in order to review the programs of Islamic organizations of the university.

He pointed to the approach of the University of Tehran administration based on maximum interaction with the requests of student organizations and added: In the recent meeting of the Council of Cultural Vice-Chancellors of Tehran University, it was emphasized that the implementation of student day programs should be student-centered and managed, and the cultural vice-chairs should play the role of Provide support and facilitation.

The head of cultural and social affairs of Tehran University, referring to the approach of the cultural council of the university based on free-thinking and law-abiding in the implementation of influential cultural programs, emphasized: cultural programs and political meetings in the university are expected to be planned and implemented in such a way that maximum participation is created in the student body. and help create vitality in the atmosphere of the university.

Shahbazi announced the holding of a meeting of student activists with the president of Tehran University on the eve of Student’s Day and said: All student activists, including activists of Islamic organizations, artistic cultural centers, student scientific associations and other student organizations active in Tehran University, will be present at this meeting. It will be an arena for the explicit presentation of student demands and the accountability of officials.

A member of Tehran University’s Board of Governors, pointing to the atmosphere of criticism in the university’s management, emphasized: We have always tried to create a multi-voice platform in the university and we believe that the space to express different approaches and tastes that are concerned with the progress of Islamic Iran will be provided.

Emphasizing that student cultural activities are more effective in situations where the initiative is in the hands of the students themselves, he pointed out that the foundation of university management is to support the legal activities of students and provide the necessary platform.

Representatives of Islamic organizations of Tehran University, including Student Basij, Islamic Society of Students, Islamic Association of Independent Students, Student Justice Movement and Islamic Association of Students of Tehran University and Tehran Medical Sciences were present in this meeting.

In this meeting, it was decided that the grand program of Student Day in Tehran University will be held on Wednesday, December 15, 1402, with the comprehensive participation of students and by the Coordination Council for the celebration of Student Day.

Tehran University Student Mobilization has also planned two programs to celebrate Student Day.

Holding a national conference on resistance with the presence of political and military figures on Wednesday, December 15 from 13:00 to 16:00 in Shahid Chamran Hall of Technical Colleges and holding an event to support liberation movements with the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country from 13:00 to 16:00 on Saturday, December 18 The month in Shahid Chamran Hall of Technical Colleges is the title of student mobilization programs.

The Islamic Society of Tehran University students will also perform a narration by one of the members of the student movement about 16 Azar in front of the technical school building in the central campus of the university on Tuesday evening, December 14th, and on Saturday December 18th, it will host the Executive Vice President in Sheikh Ansari hall of the university. Law and Political Sciences of Tehran University.

The program of the Islamic Association of Students of Tehran University and Medical Sciences also titled “Students and the University” on Saturday, December 18, after noon and evening prayers at the Ferdowsi Hall of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities, University of Tehran, the program of the Islamic Association of Independent Students on Sunday, December 19 The month will be held on Monday, December 20, with the theme of the issues of the day and the program of the student movement for justice, by inviting people’s organizations.

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