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According to the social group of rahnam News Agency, Ali Al-Qasimehr; The Chief Justice of Tehran Province, in the meeting of the Judicial Council of Tehran Province, referring to the continuation of the increase in air pollution in Tehran in recent days, stated: “Unfortunately, every year with the onset of cold weather, we witness the increase in pollution and until now, despite repeated warnings and warnings from the regulatory institutions and the judicial system, unfortunately, No tangible action has been taken by the responsible institutions in the field of clean air law, which is a matter for questioning and reflection.

One cannot avoid legal responsibility by linking all issues to credits

While emphasizing the proposition that the right to benefit from healthy and clean air is considered one of the important axes of public rights, he said: The investigations carried out regarding the performance of the bodies responsible in the area of ​​the Clean Air Law indicate that a major part of the legal duties and responsibilities The agencies are left on the ground and when the relevant agency is asked what is the reason for the non-fulfillment of that agency’s duty, they claim that they do not have the necessary funds to implement the law; But this claim is not acceptable; Because it is impossible to avoid legal responsibility by linking all issues to credit.

Al-Qasimehr pointed out that the duties of the agencies based on the clean air law are complementary to each other and any negligence on the part of the responsible agencies will cause problems and disruptions in the performance of the duties of other agencies, he said: Previously, about the omission of some persons with Responsibility in the field of Clean Air Law in Tehran General and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office, a case was filed, after carrying out the necessary expert investigations by the Inspection Organization and other regulatory institutions, an indictment was filed against five managers of the time in terms of omission and as abuse of office and job position. issued and finally led to the conviction of these persons.

The order of the head of justice of Tehran province to review the performance of the devices in the field of clean air law

Referring to the comprehensive nature of the Clean Air Law, the Chief Justice of Tehran Province acknowledged: Considering that the right to benefit from healthy air is a demand for the right of the society and every year the health of the society is endangered due to the intensification of air pollution, it is necessary that in this area The honorable public prosecutor and the revolution of Tehran should have a fundamental input as the public prosecutor, and the inspection organization, due to the inherent duty of this organization to monitor the good implementation of laws and regulations, should carry out the necessary measures and investigations regarding the performance of the custodian bodies in the field of clean air law.

In currency cases, the person responsible for the allocation of currencies should be investigated

In another part of his speech, referring to the recent report of the General Inspection Organization of the country regarding the non-fulfillment of foreign exchange obligations by a business group that imports tea, he said: Part of this issue is currently being dealt with in the special complex for dealing with economic crimes, and in Finally, a necessary and legal decision will be made regarding this issue; But what is worthy of consideration is that one should not only focus on the recipient of the currency in dealing with cases related to currency issues, but the person who was responsible for the allocation of currencies should also be questioned and investigated, and should not be simply ignored by its performance. Forgiveness; Because in many cases, the omissions and faults of the person providing the service provide the basis for committing a crime by the person receiving the service.

Allocation of 6 special branches to deal with claims of production units in primary and appeal courts

The head of justice of Tehran province also announced the allocation of 6 special branches to deal with the claims of production units in the courts of first instance and appeals of Tehran province and said: Also, in order to create peace and compromise in the cases of production units and knowledge-based companies in Shamsabad industrial town, a special complex of the resolution council A dispute was created in the name of Shahid Majid Shahriari.

Emphasis on the prevention of election violations

The head of justice of Tehran province, in the last part of his speech, also mentioned the issue of crimes and election violations and said: Considering the upcoming elections, it is necessary for the exact and complete implementation of the law to have synergy and interaction between different institutions in This area should exist and at first the occurrence of violations and crimes in this field should be prevented; The law will be the criterion of action in the face of election violations and crimes.

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