Amir Abdollahian: America must bear the consequences of its hypocritical behavior in supporting Israel – rahnam

According to the foreign policy reporter of rahnam news agency, Hossein Amir Abdullahian said in a press conference after meeting with his Omani counterpart, Badr al-Busaidi, regarding the discussed issues: We have been following the developments in Palestine for the past fifty days to restore stability and stop the crimes of the Israeli regime. Tonight was an opportunity to discuss bilateral issues with my brother, the foreign minister of Oman.

The Foreign Minister added: Tomorrow we will witness the 20th Tehran-Muscat Joint Economic Commission hosted by Minister Samat. Important documents have been signed between the presidents of Iran and Oman, and it is an opportunity for careful follow-up in the economic sector. The Minister of Economy of our country will soon visit Muscat to follow up economic relations.

He continued: We focused on economic cooperation, scientific tourism, technology, etc. All departments in the two governments are following up on the agreements made in the meetings.

Regarding Palestine, Amir Abdollahian said: Our friends in Oman have always played an active international role in the region, and we will continue to hold important talks tonight. The new phase of the Zionist regime’s attacks against Gaza began with the presence of the US foreign minister in the regime’s cabinet meeting. America, on the other hand, talks in the media about advising Israel not to kill, but in practice it supports genocide by giving the green light. America must bear the consequences of this hypocritical behavior in supporting Israel. In the last two days, only eight hundred women and children were martyred in Gaza. We heard from the resistance leaders the other day that if the region continues through the resistance, it will enter a new stage and the development of the war is completely conceivable. It is warned to stop the killing of children and women before it is too late.

The foreign minister of our country also said: In part of the documents recorded during the Al-Aqsa storm operation, the hypothesis has been proven that the Israeli regime seeks to transfer all the residents of Gaza to a part of Egypt and the residents of the West Bank to Jordan. We hope that our brothers in Egypt will Reopen Rafah and prevent the Israeli conspiracy. Establishing a war crimes court today is a popular and global demand, and complaints have been filed against Israel through some governments, including Iran, in coordination with some countries, and we hope to see war crimes in Gaza dealt with.

He clarified: Iran has never wanted the development of war in the region, but the warmongers in the region are strongly warned to stop supporting Israeli criminals before it is too late.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Oman also said in this meeting regarding his presence in Tehran: I am grateful for the good reception of Mr. Amir Abdollahian and I am happy that I am present in Tehran to follow up on many cases and consult about the developments in the region. Relations between Oman and Iran are undoubtedly increasing day by day and this development takes place in various issues.

Albusaidi continued: The 20th meeting of the joint commission will be held in Tehran and we witnessed positive developments between the two countries in various issues, including commercial and economic. We are optimistic that thanks to the guidelines of the leadership of the two countries, the cases will be followed up and we will witness the expansion of business relations in the future.

He added: Consultations between the two countries are an important issue and can help face challenges in the region and the world. We discussed the latest unfortunate developments in Palestine and the continued military attacks of the Zionist regime targeting civilians, and we strongly condemn this aggression. I want to emphasize to them that the martyrs are alive with God because of the fierce resistance of Palestine. We emphasized the continuation of political efforts between the two countries and we ask the international community to fulfill its duties so that security returns to this region and the cruel blockade of Gaza is lifted.

Oman’s foreign minister also said: This crisis requires continuous efforts and we in Oman emphasize these efforts. We seek to continue actions with Iran and other countries to resolve the crisis and tell the world that they must stop the crimes of the Zionist regime. All this is for the realization of justice and what the human conscience dictates.

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