The official of Islamic Jihad: the enemy cannot achieve its goals by resuming aggression / our goal is the release of all Palestinian prisoners – rahnam

According to the report of the international group of rahnam news agency, “Mohammed Al-Handi”, the deputy secretary general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, during a speech in response to the developments of the Gaza war in the last week and the temporary ceasefire that was established until yesterday, announced the ceasefire that was established and its several extensions. And the exchange of a number of prisoners showed the extent of the resistance’s control over the square and the coordination among its groups.

The enemy cannot achieve its goals by resuming aggression against Gaza

In a conversation with Al Jazeera, Al-Handi stated that Islamic Jihad played an important role alongside Hamas in establishing a temporary ceasefire and exchange of prisoners. Our position is basically a permanent ceasefire, but we accepted the temporary ceasefire and the exchange of women and children prisoners as a path that can be a prelude to making new deals for the exchange of prisoners and a permanent ceasefire.

He said about the occupation regime’s resumption of aggression in Gaza, the resumption of aggression by the Zionist enemy will never achieve its goals, and the Americans are worried that they will not be able to control the situation if the war continues and the crimes of the occupiers escalate. The Zionist regime, which had failed to achieve one of its most important goals, i.e. the return of Israeli prisoners by force, was forced to accept a 7-day ceasefire. The Zionist regime used its maximum power, but could not bear the losses of its army officers and soldiers and was forced to accept a temporary ceasefire.

This Islamic Jihad official emphasized that the resistance not only imposed a 4-day ceasefire on the enemy, but also forced it to extend this ceasefire for another 3 days. The occupying regime had to accept the ceasefire after the internal situation of the Zionists was messed up and massive protests were held by the Israelis who demanded the return of the prisoners. We also witnessed a significant change in the public opinion of the West against the Zionist regime and we saw how the Western nations hold large demonstrations to condemn the crimes of the occupiers against Gaza.

There will be new pressures to restore the ceasefire

Mohammad al-Hindi said that despite the resumption of enemy attacks on the Gaza Strip from Friday, it is expected that there will be new pressures to re-establish a ceasefire, which will be based on different rules for the release of prisoners. There is a movement led by Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the occupying regime, which rejects the ceasefire. Netanyahu along with Yoav Galant, the Minister of War of the occupying regime, have so far refused to admit their responsibility for the defeat in the Al-Aqsa storm battle, and these are the two people who decided to resume aggression against Gaza.

The deputy secretary general of the Islamic Jihad movement further stated that during the past weeks, the difference between the US government and Netanyahu’s war cabinet has been revealed and cannot be hidden. America is worried that it will not be able to contain the situation if the war continues. Despite repeated violations by the Zionist regime, the temporary ceasefire that was established was useful for the Palestinian people and the people were able to partially rebuild their homes and the hospitals tried to improve their conditions.

Our goal is to free all Palestinian prisoners

He emphasized that the exchange of military prisoners is a complex issue and takes a lot of time. Because our goal at this stage is the release of all Palestinian prisoners from the prisons of the occupation regime. We condemn the resumption of aggression against Gaza, but the enemy has realized that it is not able to achieve its goals by force. At the same time, there is a ready and strong resistance in the field to respond to the invaders and inflict more damage on them and thwart their goals.

In the end, Mohammad al-Handi stated that al-Qassam battalions (military branch of Hamas) and al-Quds battalions (military branch of Islamic Jihad) are present in the battlefield against the Zionist enemy with complete coordination.

Yesterday, despite the continuation of efforts and negotiations by Qatari and Egyptian mediators to renew the temporary ceasefire in Gaza, these efforts did not reach anywhere.

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) also announced that the Zionist regime has resumed the war by rejecting Hamas’ proposals for a ceasefire.

The Zionist regime, which violated the ceasefire many times during the period, took advantage of this opportunity and immediately accused the Palestinian resistance group of violating the ceasefire and resumed massive air and artillery attacks on the Gaza Strip.

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