The honoring of the “revolutionary leader” of environmental martyrs doubled the motivation of the environmental family – rahnam

According to the social correspondent of rahnam News Agency, the Environmental Protection Organization has so far offered about 150 martyrs and sacrificers to the country’s water and soil, and these sacrifices are in the event that the environmentalists of the organization are facing the problem of verifying their martyrdom or veteranship in the Martyr Foundation organization and have to go through a difficult process to prove it. They spend their sacrifices.

Last week, in order to honor the families of martyrs and environmental sacrificers, and also to draw the attention of various institutions to this hard-working and little-seen group, for the first time in the history of the Environmental Protection Organization, the “Congress of Martyrs and Environmental Sacrifices” was held in Khuzestan with the presence of the head and deputies of the environmental protection organization. environment, the commander-in-chief of the country’s police force, the head of the Martyr Foundation organization, military and national officials, and the respected family of environment martyrs.

Reza Qapanchi, a veteran environmentalist of the Environmental Protection Organization who is currently working in the General Directorate of Environment of Tehran province, was one of the attendees at this congress. In 2017, he was injured by hunters’ bullets during a conflict with illegal fish fishermen in the Dez National Park. He says about the process of verifying his veteran status in the Shahid Foundation: The Shahid Foundation accepted my veteran status with difficulty. Since May 1397, when I was injured, immediately after going through the treatment process, I started looking for the administrative work of veteran certification, and after many visits to various commissions of the Shahid Foundation, finally, in November 1401, my veteran was certified.

He continued: “The Martyr’s Foundation used to say that you should also have a legal provision like the IRGC, the army, and the police force so that we can review your case for confirmation.” and the necessary support was not provided in the organization, but during the new presidency, meetings were held with the head of the Shahid Foundation, and we hope that this process will be accelerated.

The expert of the General Department of Environment of Tehran province considered the first congress of environmental martyrs and sacrificers as an important event in drawing the attention of various organizations to these oppressed forces and said: After the injury, when we talked with our colleagues, we always complained about the fact that in the organization even as much as A text message congratulating us on Veteran’s Day is also ignored, but when I heard that the congress of environmental martyrs and sacrificers is going to be held, I was very happy because this showed that the situation has changed in the new period and that the martyrs and sacrificers have received the attention of the organization. .

One of the remarkable points in the congress of environmental martyrs and sacrificers was the gift of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution as a sign of honor and respect to the dear environmental martyrs. Ayatollah Khamenei, as a sign of honor and respect for environmental martyrs, presented a volume of Kalamullah Majid to the family of environmental martyr Hoshang Nasiri, which was written in the text of the revolutionary leader’s note written at the beginning of this holy book: As a sign of honor and respect for the dear martyrs of the environment, this holy word of God is presented to the family of martyr Hoshang Nasiri.

Environmental Organization, Leader of the Revolution,

The handwritten image of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution on the first page of the Quran donated to the family of Martyr Nasiri

Referring to this gift of the leader of the revolution, which actually belonged to the entire family of the country’s environment, Qapanchi said: “Without a doubt, the Koran that Hazrat Agha gave and the moment when the body of the unknown martyr entered the commemoration ceremony was the biggest surprise of the ceremony and transformed the crowd.” When this happened, we all saw ourselves as veterans and martyrs of the holy defense and we realized that our efforts and sacrifices did not escape the sharp eyes of the supreme leader of the revolution.

He continued: “Donating the Quran and the manuscript made us understand that they are fully aware of our conditions and they know what happened to the sacrificers and martyrs of the Environmental Protection Organization and what suffering and hardships we have gone through. This recognition is definitely the motivation of the environmentalists and the whole family.” The environment of the country doubled for protection.

The veteran of the Environmental Protection Organization noted: This handwriting actually showed the value and importance of environmental martyrs for them and made other organizations and legislative bodies, especially the Shahid Foundation, feel the importance that is given to us at the country level. do

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