The head of the Food and Drug Organization: the shortage of powdered milk is coming to an end / 8 million and 700 thousand cans of powdered milk were distributed in November – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Mashhad, Seyyed Haidar Mohammadi stated today at the meeting of the Grand Council of the 9th region of the country, which was hosted by the Mashhad University of Medical Sciences at the Shahadai Salamat complex: In line with the reform of the foreign exchange policies of powdered milk and in order to ensure the correct management of the supply chain of powdered milk for babies , the Food and Drug Organization established extensive monitoring groups at the country level; In this way, the dry milk distribution companies are inspected at the same time in the country.

He stated that 8,700,000 cans of normal (regular) milk powder were distributed in the country in 30 days of November, which is an unprecedented number. Up to 5 million and 500 thousand cans have been distributed, in this way, this increase in distribution shows an increase in the speed of supply and distribution and indicates that the shortage of powdered milk is ending and the market is moving towards saturation.

The head of the Food and Drug Organization added: The country is in a state of economic war, and the necessary measures have been taken in all areas, including the health area. Providing medicine, medical equipment, pharmaceutical items and milk powder.

Mohammadi added: “We use 4,200 Tomani government currency for some pharmaceutical items and milk powder, and although non-Iranian nationals, pilgrims, and tourists have not been included in the annual budget, we have also included these groups in our planning; Of course, we have problems with unofficial currencies of 50,000 tomans and more, but our effort has been to make our purchases based on 3 official currencies with the cooperation of the Central Bank.

The head of the Food and Drug Organization continued: “Fortunately, we had a good situation in November regarding the supply of powdered milk, and we hope to see this favorable and even better situation in December.” We have reached relative stability in the field of medicine, and we have no problems in the field of cosmetics and health products, and we have serious supervision in all sectors related to the field of food and medicine.

Expressing that “one of our problems is the demands of the insurance companies, which has also caused problems in payments to private companies”, Mohammadi noted: We want the insurance companies to perform better in the discussion of payments to companies, pharmacies and hospitals.

He added: The Program and Budget Organization has promised to pay 1,200 billion tomans to the ministry and affiliated universities and colleges in the matter of medicine, a matter that is according to the order of the first vice president, and we hope that this payment will be made as soon as possible and without delay. We also demand the allocation of necessary facilities and credits from the operating banks so that we do not face problems in the field of foreign exchange.

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