The facts that the Gaza incident revealed; Why have the people of Gaza become a “fortified building”? – rahnam

Gaza is the great revealer of this phenomenon. Those who responded positively to the appeal of the people of Gaza and bought all the possible dangers for themselves, but did not sell the people of Gaza, were all followers of Muhammad, the Messenger of God (PBUH), not the followers of the fathers of Pan-Arabism, Pan-Turkism, Pan-Iranism and the remnants of those fathers.

Today, the people in Gaza have become a “solid foundation” as God says in verse 4 of Surah Saf: “Allah loves those who fight in the path of Safa as if they were solid foundations”; Yes, God loves those who line up against the enemy like an invincible and strong building and engage in their glorious battle with the enemy of God and in the way of God. Undoubtedly, such a battle will surely lead to the defeat of God’s enemies and the victory of God’s friends.

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